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Miami Basketball Wins in Spain 77-66

'Canes victorious Vs Albacete Baloncesto for their second consecutive exhibition game victory.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

The Miami Hurricanes Basketball Team made it 2 for 2 in Spain today.

Here are some of the details we gathered via Social Media  (special thanks to @CanesHoops for the clutch updates).

From UM:

Sheldon McClellan led the Hurricanes with 24 points, five steals, three rebounds and a pair of assists. Miami notched 17 assists on 33 made shots, blocked seven Albacete shots, recorded 18 steals and forced 21 turnovers. The Canes outrebounded the Spanish squad 47-24

In Miami’s two games in Spain, McClellan leads the Canes with 20.5 ppg and Cruz Uceda with 15.0 rebounds per game.

You can find the Box Score HERE

Full Stats through 2 games HERE

Miami changed the starting line-up a bit for this one.  In their first exhibition it was Manu Lecomte, Sheldon McClellan, Davon Reed, Omar Sherman, and Tonye Jekiri.

Here's look at the team gathering just before tip off.

There are definitely some subtle difference in playing overseas.  To our understanding the officiating was a bit difficult to adjust to in the first game (UM was called for an extremely high # of travels in the 1st game as well).  But the important thing to remember is this trip is more about building than results.

For perspective take note that Roy Williams and UNC recently lost an exhibition in the Bahamas.

There is a long ways to go until the season.  But could we see more small line-ups this year?? Reed and Thomas are 6'6 & 6'7 respectively, with Sherman 6'8.  Lecomte and Burnett and 5'11 and 6'1.  This group surely makes up for in speed and skill what it may lack in size.

When they do go BIG, they need more production from Jekiri.

Speaking of Bigs,  Cruz Uceda is extraordinarily skilled for a 6'10 guy at passing.  This will be something 'Canes fans should enjoy this season.

That combination helped the 'Canes jump out to a nice half time lead.

Looks like the second half was more competitive.  Burnett is going to get a lot of buckets this season.

Hopefully the freshman Sherman can provide this kind of a spark on the glass with some regularity!

In something resembling a pressure situation, we can guess who the go-to guy is, right now anyway.

Here's hoping there is a highlight of this available at some point:

Miami is now 2 for 2 in Spain!!

We will be sure to update this article with the Highlights, when/if they become available.  So check back often.

The 'Canes next take on CB Quart on Wednesday before finishing up with AEC Collblanc Torrassa on Thursday.  For live updates during the games you can follow @CanesHoops