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Al Golden transcript on ACC Coaches' Teleconference this Afternoon

The Miami Head Coach addressed the media and discussed Brad Kaaya, Duke Johnson, Louisville, and more.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Al Golden transcript on ACC Coaches' Teleconference this afternoon:

You guys have two prime-time games in first 20 games of season. In recruiting how much do you still talk about Miami being a national brand and obviously somebody that is still attracted to networks?

GOLDEN:  "From our recruiting realm, young people understand that and the high school communities around the countries understand that. That’s one of the reasons that we can still attract nationally, but yet at the same time make sure we’re paying close attention regionally and locally for sure. In terms of our guys on the team, they’re just focused on this week and worrying about Louisville. The rest of it will take care of itself.’’

How is Duke Johnson doing? Is he ready for Louisville?

GOLDEN: "Duke has been doing good. He’s had a great recovery. There are no signs of fatigue or anything. He’s much stronger. He’s retained his quickness, he’s posted his fastest 40 since he’s been here back in July. Duke is ready to go."

Al, a couple of your players have told the media down there they felt disrespected by the way Louisville played the second half of the game, maybe thinking they ran up the score. Do you find any sense of extra motivation from players given what happened at the bowl game?

GOLDEN: "No, not at all. Louisville played really well. They had an exceptional team. They only lost a couple times in two years. That was a great team [that] played really well. But no, in terms of our program and their program, this is a different team for both and clearly we have to take care of our business, not worry about anybody else’s."

From what you’ve seen of Petrino offenses in the past on film, what is it about that Petrino system that makes them traditionally so prolific with him as the coach?

GOLDEN: "He does a great job, no question about it, with multiple formations and tempo, high completion percentage and probably what goes under the radar the ability to run the football in addition – a two headed monster if you will. Those are things we have to adjust to and be prepared for going into this game.’’

The defense this year has looked really good this year in camp, despite having a few younger players. What are your expectations of the defense and how good can the unit be this year?

GOLDEN:  "That’s the challenge we have to answer. We can talk about it all we want, but at the end of the day there’s a great challenge. I thought they improved in the spring, I thought they started to play together a lot more. I thought there was more harmony. I think our tackling was better. At the end of the day, it’s going to be about going out there and proving it and what better opportunity [than] to go against a prolific offense that Louisville has.’’

Any plan for which players on the right side of the offensive line will start and what rotation will be used?

GOLDEN: "Danny Isidora, a young man who played for us [at right guard] last year, he’s been the starter since spring there. That hasn’t changed. And then Taylor Gadbois, Kc McDermott, Trevor Darling, all of those guys have seen action at right tackle and we’ll let that play out this week to see who the starter is.’’