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Reports: Trayone Gray to Practice Tomorrow!!

Just in, the talented freshman offensive weapon cleared per UM spokesperson.

24/7 Sports

Update: Approx 4PM

No need to hold your breathe anymore 'Canes fans.

Here's how it played out during the day.

Just a quick update folks,  nothing definitive.    Be sure to stay tuned because we are SURE there are going to be updates, questions, etc etc etc etc.....

The dreaded "but."

The kid certainly knows the importance of tradition.

However,  if AG is talking about him.......

Update: Got word from our very own Mike Seay (Dorseyitis) who is live at practice, that Gray appears to be on the sidelines in street clothes.   The coaching staff declined comment on Gray.   More than likely there is still a clearinghouse issue.  But If he wasn't cleared (or close)  I doubt he would be at practice.   This is promising.

Nothing on the social media world or elsewhere about Darrell Langham yet though.

Stay tuned.