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Hurricanes Fall Camp Day 4 What to Watch/Stream

Lots of story lines to watch as the 'Canes put in the work on Greentree Field.


Time is flying by and UM is already 4 days into Fall Camp.

Day 4 promises to bring a ton more developments.   Let's take a look back at what we saw yesterday and a look ahead on what to watch for as Miami continues to prep for the 2014 season.

If you haven't already read Ale's take on day 3 (chock full of awesome video)  be sure to check it out HERE.

On days 1 and 2, the buzz at QB was mostly all Brad Kaaya.  But yesterday Jake Heaps stepped up and made his presence known.

What will day 4 bring for UM's signal callers?  Stay tuned.

Yesterday we speculated about Walter Tucker being a two way player.  Well.......

We'll keep you posted on his progress on both sides of the ball. By the way, Tucker checks in with a 4.4 40!

Speaking of position changes.  Gray Crow is trying his hand as an H Back

How about switching sports???

I've been skeptical about the attempt of former 'Canes hoopster Raphael Akpejori's attempt to follow in Jimmy Graham's footsteps.  But give the young man credit, he is giving it his all.

Keep working RAK!!

Ladies and Gentleman your DT/NT Michael Wyche (can't wait to see him in full pads).

For much more on all of the goings on in Coral Gables stop by SOTU often. Also check out the stream below, as the best and brightest of the media provide updates before, during, and after practices.