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Wrapping it Up: Miami Football Vs Arkansas State Highlights,Quotes

Video highlights plus quotes from Al Golden, Brad Kaaya, Phillip Dorsett, Denzel Perryman, and Duke Johnson.

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Al Golden

On the explosiveness of the offense...

"It was good to see. I think Brad [Kaaya] obviously benefited from this week of practice. I thought his timing was better, his rhythm was better, I thought our precision on the routes was better. Obviously we gave him enough time to throw."

On if the longer week of practice helped quarterback Brad Kaaya...

"No question. We had four days where we threw, and I think he benefited from it greatly and obviously I think the receivers did a nice job too. We were very precise all week."

On the way wide receiver Phillip Dorsett is playing...

"I think the biggest difference in Phillip Dorsett right now is his overall game. He’s in and out of breaks better, he’s catching in-cuts. He’s always been fast, but he’s a lot more quick and his lateral agility is good right now. He worked really hard this week. I told him before the game I thought he was going to have a big
one. No one could have seen that big, but that’s the way he’s practicing right now. Good for him."

On how much it means to see Phillip Dorsett excelling after injuries in 2013...

"That’s fun to see. That was difficult last year, because really for the last three games – Virginia, Pitt and the bowl game - he tried to go. He tried to be in there. That was torturous for him because he couldn’t go. He comes out this summer and had an unbelievable summer. He’s practicing really well right now, he
has great stamina, we’re happy for him. He’s catching the ball really well."

On watching different players stepping up on defense every week...

"It’s good. I think you look out there today, I thought we were physical. There’s always going to be stuff that you clean up, but that’s a triple champion in their conference and a lot of guys that have won a lot of games over there. We told them exactly what they were going to be, and they were that. You could see it early on. I thought Arkansas State played fast, executed really well, and their quarterback made plays. Their quarterback made some plays where you’re [saying], ‘I can’t believe he just did that,’ and a lot of them moved the sticks. But it was really good - I thought we played physical, I thought our safeties were physical and active, and obviously we had some guys come through pretty big for us."

On what the performance says about the maturity of the team...

"I hope we’re more mature. I think we’re growing. I thought we got better this week. We’re not a finished product, not where we want to be yet, but I thought we got better. I thought it showed out here today. If we were looking ahead and weren’t focused, we wouldn’t have thrown it around the way we did...even the second and third efforts we got from the running backs were excellent, in addition to what we saw on defense."

Brad Kaaya

On his feelings on getting that first touchdown:

"It’s just awesome to start the game off with a deep, 60-yard touchdown. That’s always feels good. That’s a ride."

On feeling more confident in the upcoming Nebraska Game:

"I’ve already played a big away game (Louisville). With Nebraska, it is a bigger stadium and bigger crowd. Experiencing [Louisville], that first week, will help me and others on this team as well."

On Dorsett’s performance:

"Phillip [Dorsett] is an awesome player. I think he’s one of the fastest players in college football. With his speed, I don’t see how anyone could cover him on a post-run or a go route. I could throw it as hard as I possibly can and I probably couldn’t overthrow him."

Denzel Perryman

On Brad Kaaya:

"From camp up until now, his confidence has shown."

On how amped up the defense was heading into the game:

"We were very amped for the game. It was real physical. I kind of hurt myself out there, but going into next week we are going to get iced up, watch film, and get prepared."

On Nebraska:

I’m real excited to go into the Red Sea and see all the fans with the corns on their heads."

Duke Johnson

On Brad Kaaya:

"I can say that Brad grew. The offense grew as a whole. That is something that we wanted to do. Coming from the first two weeks and making sure we really protect him and get a chance to throw the ball."

On Phillip Dorsett’s big game:

"I can say he deserved it. His work ethic is second to none. He is the first guy in and last guy to leave. During the summer, he worked very hard on catching the ball, finishing after he catches it and on his routes. I expected him to have one of these days, just didn’t know it was going to be today, but I am glad it was."

On passing Willis McGahee on Miami’s All-Time Rushing List:

"I wasn’t really thinking about it. Just to think of the guys that played before me and the guys that made everything possible for me now. It is amazing just to be in the same name as these guys."

On how big this win is for the young players, including Brad Kaaya.

"It is a very big confidence boost for Brad. Brad’s first two games were kinda shaky. As a freshman, that is going to come with the territory. Being a freshman coming in, with this game, we wanted to see him and the team and the offense move forward from the last two weeks."

On what Brad Kaaya’s performance means for the team heading into Nebraska week:

"Oh it’s very comfortable, just knowing he knows his reads and he knows when it gets tough. The main thing I say about Brad is that he is a tough kid. He takes a lot of shots and he doesn’t complain. He doesn’t come to the sidelines and say anything. He just goes out there on the next drive and makes things happen."

Phillip Dorsett

On the 201-yard performance today:

"It’s crazy. It’s a good feeling but I just have got to keep working harder in practice like I have been and keep doing the little things right and keep my faith in God and hopefully things can get better from now on."

On getting a big play early in the game:

"When my number is called, just execute that what I work on. I know what plays are coming to me and I work on those plays a lot in practice."

On how fun was it opening up the offense with the deep ball:

"It’s a lot of fun. I mean deep balls, I mean big plays are a lot of fun but we have got to do all of the little things right. We played well offensively, but I feel like we can play a ittle better so we have got to take the momentum and bring it into Nebraska next week."

On team improvement since the opener:

"I would say it comes with the offense. I feel like we came together today and we had a good game. The defense has been playing their butt off again, and I take my hat off to them."