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Kevin Olsen No Longer a Student at UM

University of Miami confirms reserve QB has left the school.

The long and confusing saga of Kevin Olsen is now officially over.  At the University of Miami anyhow.

Official Statement from the School:

Kevin Olsen is no longer a student at the University of Miami. We wish him the very best in the future.

On Monday the media learned of his arrest for DUI and a possession of a false driver's license, which led to an indefinite suspension.

Before ever arriving at UM, Olsen had an accident that was suspected to involve alcohol. Olsen was also left home for last season's bowl contest Vs The Cardinals, and of course suspended for the 1st two games this season for an alleged failed drug test.

We also wish him well, and hope he finds either the discipline or help needed, to overcome what has been nothing short of a troubled two years in South Florida.