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M4: Expect the Unexpected

The “Monday Morning Miami Musings” (M4) is an article series our site will be running every Monday after the Canes play a game. It’s a reactionary piece to review what happened during the game. Now, what will set this series apart from our normal post-game articles will be the fact that it will be written and posted 48 hours (or, if a Thursday game, 96 hours) after the games are played. It’ very well known that we’re all passionate and have knee jerk reactions right after the Canes play. This series will be to hopefully give a solid and relatively unbiased account of the game.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

I was on the game chat during Saturday’s romp of FAMU and an interesting point was discussed by the group: prepping for Nebraska. It seemed like everyone was looking forward to the impending matchup on September 20th but no one seemed to be paying any heed to the NEXT opponent, the Arkansas State Red Wolves.

Ladies and gentlemen, if the players take the same approach and see this as a "look ahead game" meaning their focus starts to wander to the Cornhuskers, Miami will lose. I don’t know about you but I was thoroughly unimpressed by the showing Saturday. I think the defense is playing better than last season. I think the athletes on that side of the ball are there too to make a positive impact for the team moving forward. The offense led by Kaaya and James Coley leaves me wondering though.

For me anyways, I felt the play calling seemed to be too pass happy the first few drives. Maybe they wanted to get into a rhythm with Kaaya but that didn’t seem to work as he only completed 12 of his 22 pass attempts. Also, as we’ve discussed in the multiple articles that have been posted after the game, the offense stuttered and stopped against a talent deficient FAMU team.

Last point I will make on the upcoming game is that ARK St. is actually a pretty darn good opponent. Check out their record the last 3 seasons:

2011: 10-3, 8-0 in Conference play. Lost their Bowl Game (Go Daddy)

2012: 10-3, 7-1 in Conference play. Won their Bowl Game (Go Daddy)

2013: 8-5, 5-2 in Conference play. Won their Bowl Game (Go Daddy)

Now, have they beaten anyone with any substance over the past three seasons? No they haven’t. However, big opponents like Miami and power conference schools are, for the players on nonpower conference schools at least, this is like their super bowl/bowl game. The Red Wolves are going to be all business this upcoming week getting prepared. I hope Miami is ready for anything and everything come Saturday at 3:30. If they aren’t, this could become a long and embarrassing game come 7 p.m. EST.