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Thurston Armbrister, Duke Johnson and Darrion Owens Speak to Media

Full audio of interviews from Armbrister, Johnson and Owens

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Players made their way to the press conference room to meet with the media. Up first was freshman linebacker Darrion Owens.


Coaches and players praised Owens all summer for his tremendous performance during training camp. Head Coach Al Golden even believes he can be a big contributor this year. Below are the questions Owens was asked and underneath is are his audio responses.

(During the pauses, read the next question to avoid confusion)

0:00: How does Arkansas St. compare to the other teams you've faced?

0:34: What has Thurston Armbrister taught you?


Duke Johnson made his way to a comfortable chair and was swarmed right after by media members. He spoke about Joe Yearby, Ice Harris, his health and the offensive line. Below are the questions Duke was asked questions and underneath are is audio responses.

(During the pauses, read the next question to avoid confusion)

0:00: What are your thoughts about when you and Joe Yearby are in on the same play?

0:30: What has coach Ice Harris done the last two weeks to improve the running back game?

0:53: Do you feel the difference on the field from the extra weight you've put on?

1:20: Did you talk to the offensive line after the Louisville game?

1:30: Can you talk a little about Arkansas State's defense?

1:52: Gus Edwards looks up to you in terms of the passing game, can you talk about that?

Thurston Armbrister was the last player I spoke to. Armbrister has been the most dominant player on defense so far alongside Denzel Perryman. His humble attitude comes across well in this interview. He spoke about taking Darrion Owens under his wing, being blessed to be in the position he's currently in and much more. Below are the questions Armbrister was asked and underneath are his audio responses.

(During the pauses, read the next question to avoid confusion)

0:00: Can you talk about taking Darrion Owens under your wing?

0:34: Do you feel the improvements you've made on defense compared to last year?

0:47: What do you see out of Arkansas State? How do you keep them from scoring on their first drive?

(IMPORTANT) 1:13: What motivates you to keep going? And can you talk about your journey to where you are now?

2:20: You're making plays left and right these first two games , what's changed from last year?

2:40: If you could play through 5 head coaches, but would win 3 titles, would you do it?

2:54: How do you react to fan reactions especially after that Louisville loss?

3:15: Did the coaches tell you they wanted you at safety?

****SIDE NOTES****

- Duke Johnson says his ankle feels 100% fine