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More Picks, More Jinxes, Bowl Season Rolls On

Six more games taking you all the way through the weekend. My powers continue to impress.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

"If you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?" - Tiger Woods.

With FSU down 39-20, Jameis fumbled in spectacular fashion, ending any doubt of my jinxing ability. Are any Miami fans gonna thank me for putting the #PickensJinx on FSU? You're welcome.

Heading into the Sugar Bowl, I couldn't help but notice this stat. Since starting 8-3, I was 5-15 in my last 20 bowl games. Surprisingly enough, my Ohio State pick worked out as the Buckeyes stunned Alabama. I'm now 14-18 this bowl season and with just 7 games left, including the Championship, I have to go at least 6-1 to secure a winning record. "So you're telling me there's a chance..." The odds seem like one in a million, but I won't give up until I'm mathematically eliminated.

Out of respect for the families who have sons that play for Pitt, Tennessee, UCLA, Washington, ECU, and Toledo, I won't be publishing my normal game previews and naming players today. My powers of overwhelming bad luck have hurt enough people. My conscience can't take it anymore.

There is one thing keeping my head up though. CBSSportsline has 6 college football writers picking bowl games against the spread. So far they are 15-17, 11-21, 9-23, 14-18, 17-15, and 13-19. Moral of the story? My job is harder than it looks.


Armed Forces Bowl
PITTSBURGH -3 vs Houston   12pm - ESPN

Taxslayer Bowl
TENNESSEE -3.5 vs Iowa   325pm - ESPN

Valero Alamo Bowl
UCLA -1.5 vs Kansas State   645pm - ESPN

Ticketcity Cactus Bowl
WASHINGTON -6 vs Oklahoma State  1015pm - ESPN


Birmingham Bowl
EAST CAROLINA +7 vs Florida   12pm - ESPN


GoDaddy Bowl
TOLEDO -3.5 vs Arkansas State     9pm - ESPN