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Walford, Dorsett, Perryman,Gunter Look to Elevate Status at Senior Bowl Tomorrow

UM seniors looking to improve their draft stock in front of NFL Scouts.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Hurricanes are still a long way from being back to contenders on the National Scene.

Heck, they still haven't won their own 7 team division within the ACC.

But if there is one area that UM is finally starting to see some dividends, it is in producing NFL talent.

Underclassmen Duke Johnson and Ereck Flowers both have very high draft grades.

And this week in Mobile, Alabama seniors Denzel Perryman, Clive Walford, Phillip Dorsett, and Ladarius Gunter, have all had great weeks of practice leading up to tomorrow's Senior Bowl.

Dorsett and Walford were particularly impressive early in the week,

"He's bright eyed, enthusiastic and he loves football," Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach Gus Bradley said about Dorsett on Tuesday. "One of the traits he brings is being on special teams."

Word is the hometown Miami Dolphins are taking a long look at PD.

Walford too earned praise.

"In our seven-on-seven session, he did a nice job. When your number is called, you have to answer it, especially in a situation like this,"  Bradley added on Walford. "He's really competed well, I think."

Later in the week, it was Perryman who drew raves.

"What happened? I missed it"  one scout allegedly asked another during practice.

"Perryman blew somebody up. Probably happens a lot."

Needless to say, no other program has been represented as well as the University of Miami at the Senior Bowl thus far.

And they still have the game yet to play.

While this news may be frustrating for 'Canes fan to process, considering the team is coming of an ultra disappointing 6-7 season, it is still a good thing for the program.

First and foremost, producing NFL talent is always good for recruiting.

But perhaps equally important, it demonstrates that the school is finding and developing good players.

Wins may be the end all be all, and that philosophy is hard to argue.

And while losing with said talent may be akin to winning an ugly contest, it is better than losing and not having talent at all. .

However UM fans may feel, watching these guys play and play well one more time before turning pro, should still be a treat.

All of the 'Canes will be wearing the same #s (Dorsett - 4, Perryman - 52, and Walford -46) they wore during the season. with the exception of Gunter, who will be wearing #27.

The game is at 4 PM Eastern, and can be seen on the NFL Network.