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Recruiting Radar 1/28: 7 days to NSD

We're just 7 days from National Signing Day, and there's still a LOT of stuff happening on the recruiting trail. Let's get caught up, shall we?

Canes RB commit enjoyed wearing Adidas at the U.S. Army All-American game. Imagine him in the new Hurricanes Adidas gear.
Canes RB commit enjoyed wearing Adidas at the U.S. Army All-American game. Imagine him in the new Hurricanes Adidas gear.

There's lots still going on as we move towards National Signing Day. Let's catch up:

Charles Perry has arrived!!

After having his early enrollment slightly delayed due to a grade/credit issue for an online class, LB Charles Perry made it to campus today.

Perry joins DB Jaquan Johnson, TE Jerome Washington, OL Jahair Jones and DE Scott Patchan as the early enrollees in this class. All 5 have made it to campus and will participate with the team in Spring football.

So, about Jayson Stanley....

Remember when Georgia Commit WR Jayson Stanley was gonna visit?

That was a fun few days.

So, in the end, the Georgia commit will visit Georgia and not Miami. But, that'll happen with a fast-developing, late connection in recruiting. On to the next one.

Terrell Chatman's world tour

Canes WR commit Terrell Chatman has been on the move quite frequently in the weeks before NSD 2015. Not only did the dynamic 6'3" receiver visit TCU and Arizona State, he took a mid-week visit to Georgia.

With all that being true, and with plenty of chatter that Chatman may be ripe for a flip, he'll travel to Coral Gables for his final OV just days before NSD. He's been committed to Miami since the 4th of July, and a good visit could ensure that he will stay that way up to and through next Wednesday.

Antonio Callaway to announce on NSD

With only 2 receivers committed in this class (Lawrence Cager and Terrell Chatman), Booker T. Washington WR Antonio Callaway has become one of this year's priorities. Not only is he a talented player, but he's teammates with RB commit Mark Walton and CB target Davante Davis (more on him in a second).

Callaway was unsure of his visit plans for this weekend, but confirmed on Tuesday that he will be taking an Official Visit to Gainesville this weekend. It's been repeatedly said that UF was Callaway's favorite team as a child, and that connection could play a factor in his recruitment. At current, however, his finalists are Alabama, Miami, and West Virginia. This picture may get more clouded before his choice becomes clear.

Davante Davis reconsidering?

I said we'd talk about Davis later, and later is now. Davis, who committed to Texas shortly after new year's, may be reconsidering that decision. His friend Tim Irvin decommitted from Texas and flipped to Auburn, and Davis might also be looking for a different collegiate destination.

Working in the Canes' favor is RB commit Mark Walton, as is WR target Antonio Callaway, reportedly. If both of those players are working on flipping Davis to the Canes, that would be a major addition at a position of need. Obviously, this assumes that Callaway has decided that he's joining Walton in Coral Gables, so, like pretty much all chatter at this time of year, take that with a grain of salt.

Still, Davis is a very talented player, and would be a big addition to this recruiting class.

Jordan Scarlett visits Gainesville.......and Coral Gables

You read that right. A longtime Miami commit, RB Jordan Scarlett visited Gainesville last weekend. the 4-star RB said that while he enjoyed his visit to UF, where he was able to meet coaches and hang out with players whom he knows, Scarlett remained firmly committed to the Hurricanes.

Now, just days ahead of his final-weekend OV to FSU, Scarlett made his way to Coral Gables  for a mid-week unofficial visit. Proof? Sure, why not.

Scarlett has maintained that he's solidly committed to Miami, and this mid-week visit, ahead of his trip to Tallahassee, can only be seen as a positive. FSU, having just lost 4-star RB Johnny Frazier last weekend to North Carolina State, is going to do everything possible to flip Scarlett. While I don't think it's likely, stranger things have happened before.

So, once again, I'm on Scarlett Watch this weekend, personally.

Marcus Lewis to announce February 3rd

Wanting his moment in the spotlight, Under Armour All-American CB Marcus Lewis will be announcing his college destination next Tuesday. And, the internet is telling 2 different stories.

So, Pete, who is right more than not, doesn't think Lewis is coming.

BUT.....7 of the last 8 Crystal ball predictions for him have him heading to Miami. This includes every single prediction on Lewis that's come since New Year's.

So who's right? Guess we'll find out next Tuesday.

Kevin Scott: enigma

A late rising prospect who is now one of the most sought after players in this cycle for Miami, DT Kevin Scott is a tough book to read. He visited Miami last weekend and enjoyed his visit greatly. But now, he's taking a mid-week visit to Southern Cal.

In general, most think that USC is the team to beat for the 6'5" 280lb Scott. Miami feels good that he enjoyed his visit, but don't really know where Scott may be leaning as signing day approaches. With the Hurricanes' obvious need for talented DTs, Scott's recruitment is another storyline that I'll be watching closely over the next week.

Late update: and by late, I mean late on Tuesday night

Scott tweeted out plenty of goodness about Miami when he was here, so this just follows that trend. And gives another piece of information that doesn't make us any closer to knowing which way he's leaning. And still, we wait....

Kendrick Norton trending towards Miami

Another talented DL prospect, DT Kendrick Norton is a player whose versatility will make him a valued asset at the next level. As of the writing of this article, Miami feels confident that Norton will end up as a Cane. While he's taking a visit to North Carolina this weekend, the Tar Heels aren't considered a threat.

Getting Norton would be a major recruiting win for this staff on many levels. First, obviously, is the aforementioned need for DTs in this class and on the roster. Second would be the foray into Jacksonville for a top notch player, something that this staff has struggled with recently. Of course, nothing is guaranteed in life, let alone recruiting. But, as of now, Norton to Miami is looking very likely.

Torrance Gibson still visiting this weekend

I just wanted to be sure you all remembered that one.

You know who else remembered this? WR commit Lawrence Cager.

That is all.

No Blips this week.

Instead of ending with other blips on the radar, let's answer some of your questions instead. Away we go....

A product of local Carol City High School, CB Rashad Fenton (5'11" 175lbs) is a player that many fans have been pleading to receive a scholarship offer. That offer came late last week, and reportedly has Fenton reconsidering his recruitment.

Look, sometimes guys don't get offered, sometimes guys get offered super early, and sometimes, guys don't get offered at all. Do I agree with the fact that it took until 10 days prior to NSD for Miami to offer Fenton? No. Not at all. But, that happens sometimes.

Now, as a player, I think Fenton has very good coverage skills and will eventually become a very good rotation level player at the collegiate level. It remains to be seen if that will happen in Coral Gables or elsewhere.

It's a 2-ish way tie for me.

Jaquan Johson at DB  and Jordan Scarlett/Mark Walton at RB.

Marcus Lewis and the aforementioned Rashad Fenton.

For those who don't follow recruiting that closely, the "Barry" referenced in the question is Kansas State OLB commit Mohamed Barry.

Now, we have 2 LBs in this class already: Weak-side LB Charles Perry (who just enrolled today) and Strong-side LB Jamie Gordinier. So, you can add them to the list of players at that position.

Other targets include Quart'e Sapp, but he's not coming on a visit, so that's a moot point. We were in on Saleem Brightwell, but he just chose Pitt. Apart from that, it might be an after-national-signing-day player who is added at linebacker, if anyone at all.

Tarvarus McFadden. Man, that kid can play.

I think you meant that the other way around, but I'll answer anyway.

The 2015 class fills needs at a couple positions (OL and RB especially), while adding quality players at a number of other spots. The 2014 class was a great class -- easily the best of Al Golden's tenure at Miami.

But this 2016 class, the #Swag16.....buddy....

Already with 11 recruits, 9 of whom figure to be rated 4-stars or higher, the #Swag16 is the #1 class in America for the next cycle. It's easy to get excited when you have that kind of talent assembled. Obviously, more than a year until their NSD, the 2016 class is far from finalized.

But if we keep even half of those guys? That's a foundation for a recruiting class that ANY school would be more than happy to have.

WR Terrell Chatman (who I still don't understand being rated a 3-star) or DB Robert Knowles (who was underrecruited because of poor academic standing).

Last and least, a question about me.

I started my own HS sports blog, then joined a couple forum sites, then either contacted Lt. Nolan (the former managing editor of SOTU) or he contacted me (I can't remember which), joined, and that was that.

Honestly, our site is about the collective, not the individual. We have a great team of guys, and I'm glad to be a part of it.

And, to be clear: I'm not a journalist. I'm a passionate fan like all of you, and instead of just having conversations at the barber shop or with the homies, I have conversations (via articles and twitter) with all of you. It's that simple.

Anybody who knows me or any of the MANY SOTU readers that I've met in person can tell you that I talk just like I write. It's just being true to who I am.

That's it for this week's update.

7 more days until NSD.

Let the craziness begin.....or continue, really.