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University of Miami Switches from Nike to Adidas - Money Talks

UM expected to announce the decision on Thursday.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Several Media outlets reported on Monday that The University of Miami had switched sports suppliers from Nike to Adidas.

The school has yet to make any official statement.

So what does it all mean,  and why make this choice?

First of all,  YES it can factor in recruiting.   Kids do feel loyalty to brands, but even more so feel loyalty to AAU and HS Coaches who who have loyalty to said brand.

“If you go back 30 years, it was an individual coach who had an endorsement contract, in care of an advisory staff, and worked with a shoe company,Now those same shoe companies are working with athletic departments. They’re working with AAU programs. They’re working with high school programs. They’ve really tried to brand themselves from a grassroots network and up. So, there are kids who feel very, very closely associated with a certain shoe company because that’s the shoe they’ve been wearing throughout their high school and AAU seasons. So it does become a factor in recruiting, but I think the major factor in recruiting is being sure a young man knows the quality of your program. If you have a quality product, you’ll be able to recruit quality student-athletes." - Miami Head Basketball Coach Jim Larranaga

Coach L of course, is never one to make excuses for potential obstacles.

As for the why?   Simple.  Money.

Adidas flat out outbid Nike and Under Armour for the right to rep the U. There's no other reason the University would make the change.

Even with Miami's recent lack of success in football, it is a brand that is still popular and known the world around. So it is a good investment on Adidas' part.

Will it pay off for UM?

Well the general opinion on Social Media is that Nike was/is more popular with today's contemporary athletes.  Many are concerned this will in fact hurt recruiting.  Time will tell.

Hopefully they are at least getting a solid product (we assume so) that allows the athletes themselves to compete as close to peak performance as possible.

The craziest part of all of this in my opinion is that after all the marketing of UM's new uniforms, "the juice", "the smoke", etc etc,  they are inline for even newer uniforms now that they have a new provider.

Overall though this is just another example that the landscape of College Football is constantly being shaped by the old mighty green.

Signing day is right around the corner.

UM's coaching staff is rumored to have potential changes on the way.  Or not.  Either development noteworthy.

Conference play has started in Hoops.

And we are discussing shoe companies and millions of dollars exchanging hands for sports that are amateur and do not pay the players.

If that isn't the epitome of all that is ridiculous in College Athletics and the NCAA in general, I'm not sure what is.