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State of the U Thanks Our Readers, Plus Fan Stats

We really do appreciate each and every person who stops by the site.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
2014 was a roller coaster season for 'Canes fans.

There were ups and lots of downs.

But we here at SOTU enjoyed bringing every moment of it to you.

The site continues to grow, and as it does we will do our very best to continue to bring you the readers the very best we can in 'Canes Sports.

I want to thank each and every contributor on my staff for all they do.  And I also of course thank those of you so kind to read our work and participate on the site.

My sincerest gratitude.

And with out further delay,  here are our stats for the most active participators on the site for 2014:

Most FanPosts

AStcloud                           8       
Canadian Molasses Runner           3      
SilasTsang                         2       
theCodelus                         2       
SFSNTV                             2       
lloydfarmer                        2       
Silas Tsang                        1       
BringtheCanesBackHome              1       

Most FanShots

AStcloud                           3       
lloydfarmer                        1       
Gerry Dincher                      1       
ezcuse                             1       
Chris Thorman                      1       
Alex20396                          1       
SFSNTV                             1       

Most Comments

theCodelus                         694     
CanesBBA05                         663     
zuilyas                            651     
philiafan14364                     512     
SBERG                              427     
AStcloud                           374     
72canefan                          349     
Travicon03                         334     
TheeMackJones                      298     

For those of you who made any of the lists above, great work. For those who did not, we still love you guys anyways and there is always 2015.

Thanks again to everyone who stops by and makes all of our hard work worthwhile.