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State of the U Talks with Angela Means Kaaya

SOTU talks to the mother of UM QB Brad Kaaya about her message to the fans, Kaaya's record setting freshman season, misunderstandings on Social Media and much more.

Angela Means Kaaya has a simple message for the fans of University of Miami Football,

"Let's come and join together and sell out Sun Life Stadium for opening day.  Period."

About the frustration of the fan base, she also has some words of positivity.

"I get it.  I have frustration.  But I can't let the frustration get in the way of what's right, and that's us getting together and screaming Go Canes! ......Don't throw the baby out with the bath water.....  I understand your investment.  I understand your time is valuable."

On any misunderstandings she may have had with 'Canes fans on Social Media.

"I do apologize if I stepped on anyone's sense of pride or love for this program."

Means Kaaya did not have a message for any potential recruits, and that she wanted to be a mother and fan only, but also had an agenda to help fill the stands any way she could.   She did go as far as saying that her experience in her son's first year in Coral Gables was positive and that Brad loved the city and the community,

"He loves the school,  he loves the diversity. He loves the acceptance he has felt from the city.  He's happy and he's ready to go. Brad's grateful to be where he is and he's ready to get his guys together.  He sees the possibility and he believes in his guys.  He went to University of Miami to play with the best."

You can listen to the full interview below:

Thanks again to Angela Kaaya Means for her message and letting us catch up with her.