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The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly: FSU Edition

What went right, what went wrong, and everything in between Vs The Seminoles. Plus team grades.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Only Florida State's own miscues prevented this one from being a blow out at the half.

Dalvin Cook is special, but even Everett Golson looked unstoppable Vs Miami early on.

And yet the 'Canes hung in tough.  The fought back and had a 4th quarter lead.

But they fell just short and FSU's D did just enough to stop Miami.

There are no moral victories in College Football.

By the way,  put this in whichever category you like....(told ya so?)

The rest of the particulars below.

The Good:

  • Welcome back Stacy Coley!

  • When all felt lost, what a play by Rashawn Scott from Brad Kaaya against Jalen Ramsey no less for 58 yards to make it 17-10. 

  • You have to like this...   cmon 'Canes fam.   And by "this" I mean the moment.

  • Brad Kaaya showed a lot of guts making big throws despite taking a beating.  Especially on UM's second half opening drive.

  • Coley's 4thQ TD to put the Hurricanes ahead was flat out special.

The Bad:

  • A promising initial drive was stunted by a David Njoku drop.
  • A defense unprepared for option look that leads to an easy 72 yard TD for Cook (Tracy Howard was also wiped out by a WR on the play).

  • Miami's pass rush is often non existent.   Golson had forever to find Cook on FSU's second TD.

  • What was that?   The same issues that have plagued this team all year.

  • Once again both offense and defense were a play or two short Vs FSU.

The Ugly:

  • I mean,  I like intensity and all that.   But against the kicker?

  • First and goal at the 2 mishandle in the 1st Q leads to a FG after Sunny Odogwu gets beats again.
    • A half dozen holds on FSU uncalled.   Cook is hard enough to stop with out letting his blockers clutch and grab non stop.
  • Team Grades:

    Offense -


    First the bad.....Odogwu is major liability.   He was beat 4 times easy in the first half.  Gall is nearly equally over-matched. The O line as a whole let Kaaya take far too much punishment.

    The outstanding...   Big time games for Scott and especially Coley.    What more can be said about Kaaya?  This unit really stepped up to the challenge, despite a lot of early bumps in the road.

    Defense -


    In the first quarter it looked like the 'Canes were trying to cement both Cook and Golson as Heisman candidates. Deon Bush had a very bad night.  Raphael Kirby had a rough 1st half.

    But nice to see Kendrick Norton contribute. The D line woke up and Chad Thomas and AQM really started to live up to their potentials in the second half.

    Very nice bounce back by this group after and atrocious start.   However, they needed one more stop early or late.

    Special Teams -


    Jon Semerene kicks the ball out of bounds EVERY SINGLE GAME.   Coverage units did their jobs though.

    Coaching -


    Another week, another set of mental errors for UM.  And down 20-10 with 2+ remaining in the first half, why did it feel like UM was playing for the half?

    This is a question we all are asking far too often.

    But there were some HUGE second half adjustments. The D was much more aggressive. The O found some rhythm and converted some 3rd downs.

    The team stuck together despite a ton of adversity.

    But again,  this one goes down as a loss.  What will the rest of the season bring?  Will this staff ever get over the hump?  So many what ifs?