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The Florida State Flu

I've barely been able to get out of bed since Saturday Night's loss.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Almost instantaneously it happened.......

The moment Brad Kaaya's 4th down pass intended for Herb Waters hit the ground, I felt my throat burn.

Shortly after beads of sweat formed on my temples.

I was able to publish "The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly"  and stick a around a few moments to commiserate with 'Canes fans via social media.

But I needed my bed.

Over the next few hours copious amounts of Advil, Vitamin C, Nyquil, and fluids would be ingested.


(My steady diet since Saturday Night)

No help.

102 - 103 degree fevers and burning eyes, ears, and throat would knock me out of the box.

I had caught the "Florida State Flu."

And since Saturday Night, just lifting my head up to read the articles of my colleagues here on SOTU has been a chore.

Do I realize the symptoms while real are more than likely very much psychosomatic?

I do.

Do the 80 plus scholarship players in UM's locker room, as well as Al Golden and his staff probably acknowledge that the ill feelings they are encountering (if not physical) are also the result of the heartbreaking loss to FSU?

I have no doubt.

After all, UM is 2-7 the last 2 seasons following losses to the Noles.

But like myself, it's probably equally hard for them to overcome the "FSU Flu" and get themselves up for Virginia Tech.

Personally I haven't even had the stomach or strength to read the questions sent my way by the Va Tech blog, "The Key Play"  yet.

But life has to go on.

There's still articles to write, and for the team, games to be won.

The ACC Coastal is a mess.

If they can just fight off this largely psychological bug, a rematch with the Noles could be on the horizon in the Conference Championship Game.

The question is,  will it be a 48 hour bug,  or a 7 game one?

Pancakes and fresh air are starting to sound good to me.  As do those questions from TKP.

Let's hope that the Hurricanes are ready to kick the bug themselves as well.