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Turning The Page to VT

After FSU there could be a hangover. We'll have to see if the Canes can turn it around against a desperate Hokies squad in need of a victory.

Coley and the Canes may need help focusing on Virginia Tech heading into next week.
Coley and the Canes may need help focusing on Virginia Tech heading into next week.
Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Well.. Last week sucked.. Am I right?

I’ve been reading over the last few days the articles my colleagues have posted and it’s warranted that we continue to digest the latest setback in the Al Golden regime but it’s pertinent to note: we now need to move on to face a reeling Virginia Tech team. If this team is truly “united” and “won’t let this game adversely affect them moving forward” then they have to beat the Hokies. If Golden is smart and had the wherewithal; immediately after the contest with FSU in the locker room he had to preach to the Canes the fact they can play the Noles again. Assuming the Noles win out and beat Clemson for the ACC Atlantic representation in the Conference Championship Game**, Miami has a chance to see them again. Our Canes have to take the pain, have to take the anger and focus it on each and every opponent coming up so that they can win the always unpredictable Coastal Division.

To focus on Virginia Tech may very well be a daunting task as we saw the last two seasons as Miami went 2-7 after losing to FSU. However, the “schtick” Coach Golden and the Football Program has preached all season is unity and focus. We’ll have to see if they can stick to both on Saturday at 3:30.

** Personally, I believe Clemson is a better team right now when compared to FSU but the Noles seem to keep pulling out victories over their competition. It’s been the same song and dance the last year and a half…