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Why Rob Chudzinski Should be the Next Miami Hurricanes Football Coach

In the coming days, weeks, SOTU staff will take a look at prospective candidates for the UM Head Coach position in 2016. Today we take a look at "Chuds."

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Editor's Note: This is not the consensus opinion of the staff and we will be profiling many other candidates.

With all due respect to Interim Coach Larry Scott, The University of Miami needs to hit a home run on this next hire.

And while bigger names are sure to surface, I think Rob Chudzinski is the man for the job.

First a little about "Chuds."

  • Won 2 National Championships as a UM player (1987, 1989).

  • Member of Iron Arrow Society for his outstanding leadership, character and service to the University of Miami.
  • Tight Ends Coach for the Hurricanes from 1996-2000 helping develop Bubba Franks, Kellen Winslow, & Jeremy Shockey among others.
  • Offensive Coordinator/TE Coach for the 'Canes from 2001-03.  01' team won a NC and set school record for points, total yards, and rushing TDs with him as the OC.
  • From 2004-2012 served as an offensive assistant for San Diego, Cleveland, and Carolina in the NFL.
  • in 2013 served as the Browns Head Coach. Although the short-handed team struggled to a 4-12 record, they were very competitive.
  • 2014-present serving as a Special Assistant and Assistant Head Coach under Chuck Pagano in Indianapolis.

Clearly with his connections to the school, and his experience, he is a candidate worth serious consideration should he show interest.

Let's now look at what I consider as his potential strengths and weaknesses for the job.


#1 Hurricane though and through.

#2 Bright mind who is renowned for offensive creativity, innovation,  and game planning.

#3 Championship experience as both a player and coach on the college level.

#4 Proven in player development, including in the NFL.

#5 Players coach, who earns the respect of the locker room with direct, honest approach.


#1 Toledo, Ohio native who has been out of College Football over a decade.  Unclear how they would impact him in recruiting South Florida.

#2 Solid choice but no overwhelmingly splashy.  Is not as charismatic as other potential candidates.

#3 What will his staff look like?  Specializes in the offensive side of the ball, UM needs the most help on defense.

Summary:  If the University of Miami tabs Chuds as its' next coach, I would be 110% behind the selection. Of course there are caveats. He would need to go out and find one hell of a DC to run his defense. But part of what I like about Chudzinski is that with his background and history with the school, it leads me to believe he'd go out and find someone interested in running an old school Hurricanes defense. No more 3-4 or passive schemes. He also would need some help gaining footing in the highly competitive recruiting war on 305 turf. But if he retained Kevin Beard and Tim Harris or even hired some of his former teammates, I think he would fine.  And if he got those issues sorted, watch out.  Because this man can clearly run an offense. I'm not completely indicting James Coley as a bad coach, and clearly Coley can recruit.  But the days of predictable calls and unsuccessful bubble screens would be over. And with his pro experience, I think Chudzinski would have great success getting kids on board who want to play in the NFL (every major recruit he visited) by convincing them he could help get them there.  Overall while not as magnetic as other potential candidates, I think Chuds would be an excellent hire.  He knows the game, he is a winner, and he is a Hurricane. All of which would make this hire a major step in the right direction, for a program that sorely needs it.

Stay tuned for more articles on potential candidates for the position in 2016, right here on SOTU.  Feel free to leave plenty of comments below on who you think should be the next Hurricanes Head Coach.