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QB Brad Kaaya won't travel to Duke; Malik Rosier to start

The Canes will have to turn to backup QB Malik Rosier for this week's game.

Redshirt Freshman Malik Rosier will start for the Canes this week against Duke.
Redshirt Freshman Malik Rosier will start for the Canes this week against Duke.
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Late on Thursday night, Miami Herald writer Susan Miller Degnan reported that Brad Kaaya will not travel this week to Duke.

With Kaaya not traveling, thus out for the game, the offense is now in the hands of Malik Rosier.

Rosier, a 3-star recruit who also plays baseball, has an interesting skilset, but has only seen limited game action. When compared to Kaaya, Rosier is the far better athlete, possessing much more mobility and escapability. And, with an pourous OL that has struggled in both pass protection and run blocking this year, Rosier will likely have to use that mobility on Saturday night.

Obviously, losing Brad Kaaya is a major blow to the Canes, but Malik Rosier is no slouch. He has a good arm and good mobility, and could be a factor in the run game with the ability to keep the ball on the read-option. What Rosier lacks is game experience. His interception-TD against Clemson was a clear illustration of that.

When asked, Interim Coach Larry Scott said there would be no changes to the gameplan for the Canes. So, expect to see the same "check with me" mechanic at the line. But, due to Rosier's lack of experience, I would not expect him to audible at the line as much as Kaaya, if at all.

Miami, like all teams, talks about the "next man up" mentality.

Well, Malik Rosier, you're up.