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Why Charlie Strong Should be the Next Miami Hurricanes Football Coach

We continue the series with former Louisville and current Texas Head Football Coach Charlie Strong, a man with a strong personality and resume.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

I know what you're thinking.

Why would a guy who is making 5 million + a year in Austin want to come to Coral Gables for what almost certainly would be a lot less money?

While UM  would appear to be less than ideal for him for that reason, the article/tweet below might suggest otherwise.

So if he is indeed interested (multiple sources seem to think so)  and UM is interested in him, what would make Strong a great hire for the Hurricanes?

First a little about him:

  • Started out as a graduate assistant at UF and later Texas A&M.
  • Also had stints as a defensive assistant at Notre Dame and South Carolina, as well as time as a WR Coach at both Southern Illinois and Ole Miss.
  • Really made a name for himself first as the Defensive Coordinator at South Carolina (1999-2002).
  • Served as DC/Assistant Head Coach at UF 2003- 2009.  Was also briefly Interim Head Coach (1 game) in 2004.
  • Head Football Coach at Louisville from 2010-2013.  Finished with a 37-15 record, including 2013 Sugar Bowl win over UF and 2014 Russell Athletic Bowl victory over Miami capping a 12-1 season.
  • Current Head Coach at Texas, (9-11 record).
But aside from his vast experience at numerous stops, what are his strengths and weaknesses as a coach?

Let's take a look below.


#1 Strong is a tough, no nonsense, hands on coach with an outstanding work ethic.  He's teams play hard and disciplined as he creates a culture of accountability. Players respond to him.  Not afraid to boot players who break rules either.

#2 Excellent defensive coach.  Strong's D's at both South Carolina and Florida were stout, hard nosed, and well coached defenses that succeeded in the powerful SEC.  His defense at Texas is gradually improving as well. Miami's D has been soft the past few years, Strong would surely change that.

#3 Outstanding recruiter.   Could he recruit South Florida?  Absolutely!  Look at his rosters during his time at Louisville.  Loaded with players from the 305, including a QB that played for him you may have heard of, Teddy Bridgewater.

#4 Adaptable, knows all aspects of the game.  Strong is defensive minded coach first.  But he will be hands on with the offense to an extent as well. He is not opposed to running spread.  One of the biggest issues of the Golden Era was lack of flexibility and adjustments.  Strong would be an improvement in both areas.


#1 His contract at Texas.  First of all he would have to give some money back if he left Texas to take the job at University of Miami with out cause.  Second even if he is willing to take something of a pay cut, he surely would cost UM more than what they are used to paying. This obstacle might be too much to overcome.

#2 Struggling with the Longhorns.  The competition got a little stiffer, and yes he inherited a roster with issues, but he has yet to prove he can win in a bigger conference (no disrespect to the former Big East).

Summary:  This is another long shot.  Texas to Miami is not a lateral move, in salary nor prestige.  But if Strong is truly unhappy with the Longhorns, this wouldn't be the worst job in the world for him to take.  And in my opinion it would be a home run hire for the 'Canes.  Their defense would instantly upgrade.  And I guarantee  they would play harder as a team. Outstanding recruiting classes would likely follow.  You would also get a Coach in Coral Gables that would more than likely keep the program clean.  But what would he cost?  What kind of assistants would he bring along with him?  In my opinion it very worth while for the school to look into Strong if there is any chance at all of hiring him.