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State of the U 5 Thoughts, Some Videos, and a Hangover

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Wow,  I still can not believe what I saw (very late last night) and then re-watched this morning.

How can you not be happy for these kids?

A play we will never, ever forget.....

Some thoughts:

#1 Lost in the chaos was a very solid performance by back-up Malik Rosier (20-29 272 yards, 2 TDs 1 INT). Look we all know it's Brad Kaaya's show.  And if Kaaya left early for the NFL after next season, Swag Class commit Jack Allison (should he stay committed) would appear the heir apparent.  But you have to feel a ton better about Rosier going forward when/if the 'Canes need him.  Miles better than his relief appearance again Clemson (impossible circumstances).

#2 Larry Scott deserves consideration to stay on board as an assistant for whomever the next coach is.  UM played very hard for the most part last night, after a very tough week.  I do not see Scott as a legit candidate as the next head coach.  But he accounted well for himself last night (and all week).

#3 The D was still pretty bad in a lot of spots.  Duke isn't a terrible O, but the tackling on Jela Duncan's 3rd quarter TD run in particular was just awful.  Duke gained 440 yards of total offense against UM's D.  Too much, far too much.

#4 The Coastal is still alive.   UM controls their own fate with one two exceptions.   They need UNC to lose one of their final 4 games other than against the 'Canes and one more Duke loss..  Duke has UNC, PItt, UVA and Wake left while UNC has Miami, Duke, VT, and NC State left on their schedule. Simple formula for the Hurricanes to Charlotte?  Run the table and have the Heels and Duke. lose one of their other remaining games. And since they play each other at least one of the two will definitely have one more loss.

#5 Yes I recognize that final, incredible play has more than a few questionable moments.  Plenty of other sites are crying about it.  I resisted (mostly) complaining about the 5 uncalled holds Vs FSU that cost UM the game in Tallahassee.   I also won't mention (other than this one time) the numerous questionable calls (23 penalties on UM, really!?) that had the Devils in the position to win the game.....

Bottom line Miami made one more play than Duke.   The better team won.

David Cutcliffe and every one else complaining this morning can get over it.  In the meantime I am off to try and cure my hangover.

Enjoy it 'Canes fans and enjoy your Sunday!

Game Highlights,  (pretty abbreviated other than the last play):

Larry Scott emotionally drained, proud and speechless: