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Five Thoughts Following UNC's Dismantling of Miami Football

Evan Pike-USA TODAY Sports

It took me a while to go back and even watch parts of yesterday's thorough thrashing of the Hurricanes by the Tar Heels.

But I got around to it this morning and here are a few thoughts.

#1 Joe Yearby needs to be a team captain going forward.  I thought the sophomore RB played his heart out yesterday, and along with maybe Artie Burns, was one of the few players who actually had a decent day.

More importantly, he still looked angry when things went dramatically wrong.

We need more of this:

#2 Whomever comes in as the next Head Coach might need to seriously consider replacing the legendary Art Kehoe as offensive line coach.  Much more was expected this season, particularly from sophomores Kc McDermott, Nick Linder, and Trevor Darling.  They frankly just haven't developed.  I love Kehoe as much as the next 'Canes fan, but maybe his time has come?

#3 I enjoyed seeing Lawrence Cager get his first of hopefully many TD's in his 'Canes career.  Give this kid more reps, it can only help for next season.

#4 This wasn't Brad Kaaya's finest day.  The INT by Jeff Schoettmer where he stared down David Njoku may have been the worst throw I have ever seen him make. His effort on the fumbled snap before the game got completely out of hand was also not that impressive (though 2 weeks removed froma concussion, perhaps understandable).  But NO, no, no  that does not mean we should go to Malik Rosier.

#5 This team will probably lose the remainder of its' games, with the Bowl game against whomever they face their best chance to get another W.   GT is just a bad match-up for a D that can't stop the run and gets consistently beat on the perimeter.  And Pitt (another heavy run team) at Pitt in November might be equally unfavorable.

Plus the effort just isn't there.   Try if you will to watch just the Miami players on Ryan Switzer's punt return for TD. Block out the North Carolina players and just observe UM's "effort."  Hurricanes players looked like they were jogging out there.  You don't win against anyone with that lack of effort.

Agree? Disagree with any of the point above?   Feel free to leave a comment.