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Presidential Candidates Weigh in on the Canes - Weekend Picks

Ever wonder what Trump, Rubio, Carson, Cruz, and Hillary thought about Miami's loss to UNC? You're about to find out. I pick this weekend's games and discuss Miami vs Georgia Tech.

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

I sat down to write about Miami's loss to UNC, but I just couldn't summon the right words. Positives from the game were hard to find. I decided readers would rather see what the Presidential Candidates thought about the game. I contacted each and every campaign. Some responded with quotes and press releases. Hillary's campaign never responded to my various emails. Rand Paul left me a 2-hour filibustering voicemail that I deleted immediately. Bobby Jindal's team desperately reached out and offered an exclusive on-camera interview, but by the time our team from State of the U could mobilize in Louisiana, Jindal suspended his presidential campaign. Here are the four best sound-bites from the candidates.

Donald Trump:

"I mean what you can say. Miami is a bunch of losers. They've always been losers and I only like winners. The Canes have been losing to FSU, Clemson, China, Mexico, and UNC. If you want to make Miami great again, hire me as the next Head Coach. I can easily coach and be president at the same time, Believe Me. Brad Kaaya is a negotiator I can work with."

Marco Rubio:

"Miami suffered a setback, but as my father and grandfather showed, if they work hard and believe, the Canes can still achieve the American Dream. The one thing I did notice was that Miami's players seemed dehydrated. More water always helps. Miami isn't as rich as other schools, much like my family growing up, but if players learn welding instead of philosophy, the Canes can regain their prominence soon."

Ben Carson:

"My advisors don't think I know anything about the Coastal Division, but I can name at least four teams if I really thought about it and blinked slowly. I think the media is really treating Miami unfairly. The Canes lost the game and played awful, but if the media's out to get you, you can always use that as an excuse. Al Golden was a nice guy and I think that's all that matters. Bottom line, North Carolina became a state before Florida did so it's not surprising the Tar Heels won."

Ted Cruz:

"North Carolina followed every word of a gameplan that was set up by very intelligent men. UNC's constitution gave the Tar Heels the discipline they needed to win. If we just put a fence around Miami and stopped letting the Canes travel, we could've avoided having to watch this blowout on television."

MIAMI +2.5 vs Georgia Tech - 1230pm

This line has moved towards Georgia Tech throughout the week. In a depressing state of affairs, the 3-7 Yellow Jackets are favorites in Sun Life Stadium. Georgia Tech is admittedly better than the record indicates, having lost five games by eight points or less, several due to turnovers at inopportune moments. Miami should be able to have success in the passing game, but Georgia Tech is favored for one specific reason - The Canes run defense has been disastrous this season. The Yellow Jackets run the ball using the triple option on nearly every snap and Miami is allowing over 200 yards a game on the ground - ranking 106th in the nation. FSU's Dalvin Cook scored an easy long touchdown on an option play and UNC's Marquise Williams jogged into the end zone several times last week. In the 58-0 loss to Clemson, Miami allowed an astounding 416 yards and 6 touchdowns rushing, on just 63 carries.

There is some hope though. Under Al Golden and Mark D'Onofrio, the Canes went 3-1 against Georgia Tech, with the only loss coming last season. Larry Scott has a tough challenge trying to motivate his team after the blowout loss last week, but the Canes should be able to play with some intensity on Senior Day. As always, I choose to be optimistic and expect Miami to force a few turnovers on defense. Georgia Tech has 11 lost fumbles this season. The Canes win by a touchdown in a shootout behind a bounce back performance from Brad Kaaya.

After another winning week (13-8), I couldn't be more excited about my results this season. My Saturday numbers continue to impress and I'm an incredible 9-2 in SCOTT Picks. The decision to move from Al Golden to Larry Scott has had mixed results on the field for Miami, but from the perspective of my picks, it's been a home run. Precise Mediocrity has been dormant for weeks now. Let's keep it that way.


MICHIGAN -4 at Penn State - 12pm

NORTHWESTERN +10 at Wisconsin - 330pm

OREGON -4.5 vs Southern Cal - 330pm


SOUTH FLORIDA +3 vs Cincinnati - 8pm

BOISE STATE -11.5 vs Air Force - 930pm


KANSAS +28 at West Virginia - 12pm

MINNESOTA -4.5 vs Illinois - 12pm

PURDUE +22.5 at Iowa - 12pm

FRESNO STATE +26 at Byu - 3pm

LSU +6.5 at Ole Miss - 330pm

UTAH -3 vs Ucla - 330pm

OHIO STATE -13 vs Michigan State - 330pm

GEORGIA SOUTHERN +14 at Georgia - 7pm

TULSA +12 vs Navy - 7pm

TENNESSEE -7.5 at Missouri - 715pm

OKLAHOMA STATE pk vs Baylor - 730pm

CALIFORNIA +11.5 at Stanford - 1030pm