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Coach Larry Scott Mid Week Updates on Kaaya, Game Planning and More

Coach Scott addressed the media on the ACC Coaches Teleconference.

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

On the team in general:

"It's been a fun week for us.   The guys have had a great attitude.  Great energy in the meetings. We had a good Tuesday practice.  Everyone is moving around and playing fast."

On facing UVA:

"They've had our number the past few years and they definitely have out attention."

On Kaaya:

"He's still listed as questionable, but he is doing a little better and a little more every day."

On Game Planning and his role:

"I am more involved in the Special Teams, and I stay involved in the run game.  I have had more involvement in defense with the  personnel. The coordinators continue to do an awesome job for us."

On "The Return":

"It is something we work on,  The kids are very conscious that once one lateral happens if you are in front you block, if you are behind you stay behind.   The guys did a really good job of just continuing to believe."

On Winning the Coastal:

"That's always been our goal from day 1.  Right now we are 2-0 in the Coastal and all we can do is worry about what we control."

Our Take: Coach Scott brings a lot of passion ad energy to every presser.   No disrespect to Al Golden but you can see how he would get the kids attention with his personality.  Hopefully it continues to translate to wins.  I would be shocked if Kaaya was not available to play this weekend, but we will keep an eye out for more updates.