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Miami Hurricanes Coaching Search: 12/2 updates

Here are your reports and updates for the Miami Hurricanes coaching search from December 2nd, 2015.

Miami is basically on Richt Watch at this point of the coaching search process.
Miami is basically on Richt Watch at this point of the coaching search process.
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I started this daily update post yesterday, and that seemed to be a hit with Canes fans all over the internet. So, we're gonna keep this going every day until we have a new coach named.


Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald is back with another report. And, depending on which coach you support, this could be positive.

Peter Ariz from added

Mike Perchick from KVUE in Austin, TX confirms Ariz's report.

Perchick went on to tweet....

Dieter Kurtenbach from KNBR (formerly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel) gives double confirmation.

Brody Logan from Fox 5 News DC gives triple confirmation.

Ryan Bass from CBS sports chimes in with quadruple confirmation

Barry Jackson from the Miami Herald has a report that's not confirmation, but it's damn close.

Zach Klein from WSB in Atlanta echoed Jackson's sentiments

Brett McMurphy from ESPN confirms Richt to The U

Dave Hyde from the Miami Herald confirms Richt to Miami

Mark Schlabach from ESPN, who was a hold out on the confirmation, now says

Bruce Feldman from FOX Sports confirms


Luther Campbell, better known as Uncle Luke of 2 Live Crew fame, ranked the 8 candidates for the Miami job. Read his thoughts here:


Joe Schad has a report about the coaching search. Miami set to wait on the presumptive "#1 candidate"?


Latest report: Miami and Mark Richt may be negotiating towards a contract.

A quote from that piece:

"I can’t imagine it’s anyone else. The word is everything is headed down the right path." - anonymous insider

As usual, take that for what it's worth. More when it's available.


Posted this article in yesterday's updates, but the last detail is different, so it bears reposting. FOX Sports' Bruce Feldman says 1. Miami has nearly $4M to spend on a coach, and 2. The goal is to HAVE A COACH BY SUNDAY.

That last part? That's the new part that matters. Read it for yourself below.


For what it's worth....


Our sister site For Whom the Cowbell Tolls takes a look at what Dan Mullen interviewing for the Miami job means for them.


Matt Porter of the Palm Beach Post writes that former Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt is the front runner for the Miami Hurricanes coaching job. He also has more info for who is in 2nd as of now (which is also interesting and you should read):

From Yesterday

All the updates from December 1st: