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Recruiting Radar: 12/21

Just a quick update from the last week

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Hey guys. Quick hitting updates today. Let's go:

Isaac Nauta eliminates Miami

After news of an impromptu unofficial visit last week, 5-star TE Isaac Nauta increased his top 5 to a top 6 and included Miami. There was talk (hope?) that Nauta would include Miami in his top 3 and be in the running for his commitment and early enrollment.

Those hopes, however, were dashed on Sunday.

Miami was always a longshot at best to land Nauta. Now that we know that he's not coming here, we can focus on other, attainable prospects.

Devron Davis gets his coveted offer

It's been no secret that JUCO CB Devron Davis wanted an offer from Miami. Well, he finally got it.

Davis, a talented and physical CB, could step right in and get major playing time at that position next season. This offer was given by Coach Richt, so there are no concerns about Davis not fitting what the new staff will be looking for.

Davis has basically said that he's going to commit on his official visit in January, and (with the exception of one recruiting writer -- the one who said Brad Kaaya was going to Boise State), that seems to be the consensus. So, it looks like, to bridge a talent gap at CB, CMR may be looking to add this talented JUCO player to the roster. Smart move, in my humble opinion.

You can see Davis' HUDL highlights right here.

Latest with Jawon Hamilton

Ok. Here we go. 3-star RB Jawon Hamilton told ($) that he hasn't heard from Coach Richt, and that he won't wait too long for that "because they're holding up my recruiting process". Hamilton also said he can go somewhere else and play, and that kind of confidence is necessary to be great.

The latest with this situation is that, according to Hamilton's twitter, Alabama is showing him attention now.

Now, there's a distinct difference between "major interest" and "a commitable offer". And, this is the first anyone has heard of Alabama being linked with Hamilton, so this could be player-created propaganda to help his recruitment, which would be a great and stupid move both. Great because of the buzz. Stupid because if not true, he's burned all credibility in an instant.

Hamilton is a talented player who had a great season. He even earned Miami-Dade player of the year from a local organization. But, at this point, it's unclear if the speedy Hamilton will remain in Dade County to play his collegiate football. Many (most?) think a decommitment is more likely to occur.

Keep an eye on this one.

The Curious Case of Deion Jackson

A week ago, ($) had a piece wondering where in the world Jackson was. He'd left his HS (Hallandale High) and was ghost. His teammates and coaches didn't even know where he was.

Today, caught up with Jackson ($) and he answered some questions. In this piece, he says that he's 100% committed to Miami, unless USC offers him (they won't, so we're good there). Jackson also mentions "getting my grades together" in passing. But, I'm sticking on that point.

Jackson has been all over the place. He left Hallandale last year to move to North Dakota after an injury. Then, after moving back to Hallandale, he's gone AGAIN (leaving in the middle of the season, no less) and elsewhere "trying to get his grades right".

Jackson has all the physical talent in the world, but this repeated abandonment of his environment and his team (not to mention, again, he brought up his grades) is giving me all kinds of doubts about Miami keeping him in this class.

Jackson says that he'll take an official visit to Coral Gables in January....once he hears from Coach Richt. Yeah, there's a lot going on here.

Stay tuned.

Malek Young sets visits

3-star ATH Malek Young, a one-time Georgia commit, has set visits after the dead period. He'll visit Miami on January 15th, then Louisville and Clemson to close out the visit weekends.

In short, I feel good about Miami landing Young's commitment with a strong visit on the 15th. He was committed to Mark Richt once, and there's been nothing to make me think that he won't be committed to Mark Richt twice.


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