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Coaching Staff updates: swings and misses

A couple presumed staff members choose to go elsewhere.

Per report, Georgia TE coach John Lily has told Mark Richt thanks, but no thanks on a job offer to join him at Miami
Per report, Georgia TE coach John Lily has told Mark Richt thanks, but no thanks on a job offer to join him at Miami

Couple updates on the staff that Mark Richt is trying to build.

Bryan McClendon to South Carolina

One of the names rumored to be joining Mark Richt's staff, current Georgia WR coach Bryan McClendon has instead decided to take the same position at South Carolina with Will Muschamp.

"Losing" McClendon, who previously served at Georgia's running backs coach for 8 years before transitioning to wide receivers this year, is a blow for Miami. McClendon is also Georgia's recruiting coordinator, and, if you didn't know, Georgia recruits to an elite level.

Now, before we overreact, we have to let the whole hiring process play out. Could McClendon have been told by CMR that there wasn't room for him at The U because Tim "Ice" Harris and/or Kevin Beard, the current RB and WR coaches, respectively, are staying on staff? Maybe. Could McClendon have just decided to go his own way and stay in the SEC? Maybe. EITHER WAY, the whole staff will need to be announced before we can really evaluate this more.

John Lily turns down Co-OC job offer

Per a report by, current Georgia TE coach John Lily has declined an offer to come to Miami as Co-OC. That OC position would most likely be split with RB coach Thomas Brown, if yesterday's report that Brown is coming to Miami is, in fact, true.

Lily, who has worked with Richt for years and has an extensive track record of coaching excellence, will surely be highly pursued by many teams. Lily was not among the coaches named by Georgia to be retained by Kirby Smart, so he will most likely be looking for an opportunity elsewhere. That elsewhere, however, will not be in Coral Gables.

Paul Williams to Illinois?

According to this tweet, it would appear to be so.

Update (pre-publish): confirmation.

Oh, and one more:

That is correct, sir. Godspeed. Fare thee well. Seeya.

Williams was not a coach I wanted to see retained for a number of reasons, and it looks as though he may have found shelter elsewhere.

What's this all mean for Miami?

Let's start from the top:

  1. McClendon going to South Carolina means the WR coach spot remains unclaimed. Could Kevin Beard be retained there? Could Tim "Ice" Harris slide from RBs to WRs?
  2. Lily turning nown Richt's TE coach/Co-OC job offer means that combo position is still unclaimed. That is a PERFECT spot for either James Coley or Larry Scott, IMO.
  3. Paul Williams was, like many defensive coaches, a surefire goner. Him finding and taking a position elsewhere is a good move for all involved parties.
So, at this point, we know, or can reasonably assume, that 2 positions on CMR's staff have been claimed: Thomas Brown as RB coach/co-OC, and Todd Hartley as Special Teams coordinator, and a yet-to-be-determined position coach.

That leaves the following positions as available:
  • Co-OC (will be combo'd with a position coach)
  • DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR (yes, I forgot this one on first draft; yes, this is the most important hire CMR will make. Absolute make-or-break. Look at the previous staff for proof of this)
  • QB Coach? CMR has said he wants to be involved with this position, but unclear if he'll bring in a full time QB coach
  • WR Coach
  • TE Coach
  • OL Coach
  • DL Coach
  • LB Coach
  • DB Coach
And, while I know hearing that McClendon and Lily have turned down a job here/decided to go elsewhere, there's still time. Relax. Just let this play out.

We brought in Mark Richt for a reason. We brought him in to build a staff, to recruit a roster, and to win games. He's on step 1 of that process. Let it play out.

More on this as it's available.

Go Canes