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Mizzou DL coach Kuligowski heading to Miami?

There's at least 1 rumor that Missouri DL Coach Craig Kuligowski could be headed to Miami.

Could Mizzou DL coach Craig Kuligowski be joining CMR's staff in Coral Gables?
Could Mizzou DL coach Craig Kuligowski be joining CMR's staff in Coral Gables?

As you know, Mark Richt, the Hurricanes new head coach, is putting together his staff of assistants. Earlier this week, we learned of two names who will most likely be joining the staff: current Georgia staffers Thomas Brown and Todd Hartley. There were also a couple other names who many thought would be joining the staff in Miami who have elected not to do so. Now, there's another name that's been connected with the Hurricanes.

According to a FanShot on Missouri's SBNation site Rock M Nation, there are rumors that Mizzou DL coach Craig Kuligowski could be headed to Coral Gables to join the Hurricanes' staff. Per the Rock M Nation post, Kuligowski could be in line to be the Hurricanes' new Defensive Coordinator and DL coach.

And, if true, that would be an absolute home run of a hire.

For those wondering, Kuligowski (cool-ee-gow-skee), known to his players as Coach Kool, is one of, if not THE top DL coaches in America. After starting his coaching career at Toledo, his Alma Mater where he was a 2-time 1st Team All-MAC performer at DL, Kuligowski has been at Missouri since 2001. In those 15 years at Mizzou, Kuligowski has coached many All-Conference, All-American, and NFL standouts. Who, you ask? Here's a partial list:

  • DT C.J. Mosely (in his 11th year in the NFL now)
  • DE Aldon Smith (All-American, 1st round NFL draft pick)
  • DE Michael Sam (1st Team All-American, SEC Defensive POY)
  • DT Sheldon Richardson (1st Team All-SEC, 1st round NFL draft pick)
  • DE Shane Ray (1st Team All-SEC, SEC Defensive POY)
So yeah, Kuligowski knows how to develop talent. Not only that, but he's good at finding and securing that talent in recruiting. Not only did Kuligowski get the above listed players to Missouri, but 2015 5-star DL Terry Beckner Jr, who was playing well as a true freshman this year prior to a season-ending knee injury, came to Missouri just to play for Kuligoswki. Beckner was a top 15 player in his recruiting class, and easily the best playing Mizzou signed in 2015. So yeah, that's a positive.

Now, just like other reports/rumors, take this with a grain of salt. BUT, if Kuligowki were to be hired by Richt as DC/DL coach, it would be hard to find many, if any, downside to this move. Kuligowski is a great coach with a fantastic track record. His DL units play with passion and ferocity. And, if he's stepping up to coordinate an entire defense to do the same, then SIGN ME UP.

And, just for the sake of argument, let's say Coach Kool DOES come to Miami, he'll have players like Gerald Willis III, Chad Thomas, Kendrick Norton, Al-Quadin Muhammad (maybe), and more at his disposal. Tell me you're not a little excited by that prospect? I know I am.

For now, that's just a rumor. But, if true, adding Kuligowski to CMR's staff would easily be the best and biggest move so far.

More on this as it's available.

Go Canes