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Coaching staff daily update: 12/27

Back with daily updates, because we're gonna start to get announcements and reports about CMR's staff now that the season is over.

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Ok guys. The Al Golden era is officially over after yesterday's Sun Bowl, and now Mark Richt will begin to announce new staff members. Here are the updates on that front for December 27th.

3:00pm update

It appears that another current staffer may not be retained by CMR.

Original post


After rumors started coming yesterday that Missouri DL Coach Craig Kuligowski could be headed to Miami, sourced reports to that effect came this morning. And, like Richt's hiring, this report was first made by Peter Ariz of

Big, BIG hire there. Kuligowski is, for my money, the best DL coach in America. Just check out the list of players he's coached:

Year Name Round NFL Sacks
2015 Shane Ray 1 4.0
2015 Markus Golden 2 3.5
2014 Kony Ealy 2 9.0
2014 Michael Sam 7 0.0
2013 Sheldon Richardson 1 15.5
2011 Aldon Smith 1 47.5
2009 Ziggy Hood 1 12.5
2009 Stryker Sulak 6 0.0
2007 Brian Smith 4 0.0
2005 Atiyyah Ellison 3 1.0
2005 C.J. Mosley 6 14.0
2003 Keith Wright 6 0.0
2001 Justin Smith 1 87.0


Thomas Brown: confirmed.

Also from Peter Ariz, Thomas Brown will be on staff at Miami.

Kevin Beard won't be retained

Another report from Peter Ariz (man, he did WORK this morning), but current UM WR coach Kevin Beard is not expected to be retained.

I, personally, wanted Beard to remain on staff. But, CMR has other ideas here. Beard will have options moving forward, and I wish him nothing but the best.

That's it for now. More updates when they're available.

Go Canes