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Coaching Staff Daily Update: 12/29

Another day, another update. Will there be more announcements/reports today?

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Here's your daily update.


So, there haven't been any reports in the last 36 hours, but that doesn't mean there hasn't been moves behind the scenes. But, until those moves come to the light, we're kind of in the dark as to the full staff CMR is bringing to Coral Gables.

So far, we know 3 coaches: Thomas Brown (who figures to be the RB coach and maybe Co-OC), Todd Hartley (who figures to be a defensive assistant), and Craig Kuligowski, the best DL coach in America taking over a talented position group for the Miami Hurricanes. After a quick twitter search, I found out that Hartley has already changed his account information to say that he's a Miami Hurricanes staffer already (and he followed SOTU on twitter, which is pretty freakin' cool, if you ask me).

One rumor

It's been reported that Miami has had contact with LSU Defensive Backs coach Corey Raymond. Raymond, one of the top DB coaches in America and a GREAT recruiter, would be another huge addition to the staff that's already off to a good start as Mark Richt puts it together.

While I'm NOT saying that Raymond will be here (there's only been reported contact), he's at the top of the list of my personal "most wanted coaches" list.

Scott staying?

It's also been reported that, more likely than not, TE coach Larry Scott, who served as the Canes' Interim Head Coach after Al Golden's firing, is likely to remain on staff.

While I know most fans want everybody associated with the Al Golden era gone from the staff, Scott has, in my eyes, proven himself to be a good and valuable coach. Scott is a good recruiter and talent developer (just look at the strides Clive Walford, Christopher Herndon IV, and especially David Njoku have made), and the job that he did to keep this team together and this season from COMPLETELY imploding.

That's it for now. Updates here when/if they become available.

Go Canes