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Coaching Staff daily update: 12/30

Is today the day we start to hear reports?

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Another day, another coaching staff update. Or open thread. Or....something.


Mark Richt officially announces 4 assistants: Thomas Brown, Todd Hartley, Craig Kuligowski, and Jon Richt.



hahahaha everything is hilarious right now

11:55AM is reporting that Purdue may hire Mark D'Onofrio as their defensive coordinator.

They say, however, the nothing is certain at this point.

EITHER WAY, that news got me like

OMG I can't stop laughing.

More later if it's available.


Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald wrote a piece with some updates. Big points:

  • Most coaches know they will not be retained
  • Larry Scott still a possibility to be retained, but decision not made as of today
  • Kevin Beard set to interview with Richt for a spot on the staff


DL Coach Randy Melvin going to Purdue. Opens up the DL coach slot for the previously-reported forthcoming hire of Craig Kuligowski

...And still, we wait

So, it's been a few days since we heard anything. As I said yesterday, we know 3 staff members: Thomas Brown, Todd Hartley, and Craig Kuligowski.

I know I said I wanted to be patient with Mark Richt and let him build the staff he wants (that's the smart idea), but I also just WANT TO KNOW WHO OUR COACHES ARE GOING TO BE. UGHHHHH

While we wait (and how long that'll be, I don't know), here are coaching profiles for your viewing pleasure

RB Coach Thomas Brown

DL Coach Craig Kuligowski

That's it for now. More if it becomes available today (man, I hope it does).

Go Canes!