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Coaching Staff daily update: 12/31. New staff's eve?

Some announcements are done. Now, we wait for the others.

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Another day, another update/open thread

Richt goes on ESPN's GameDay

Live tweetcap of his appearance starts now

And here's the video for you:

Richt Announces 4 staffers

Yesterday, Mark Richt and Miami announced the hirings of 4 staffers: Thomas Brown, Todd Hartley, Craig Kuligowski, and Jon Richt. These were all names that we'd already heard linked with Miami, so this announcement came as no surprise. Here's the announcement piece from yesterday. And some tweety tweets.

You can follow the coaches on twitter by using the following buttons:

More Announcements coming?

So, that's 4 staffers. But, there are still several positions open. A quick list:

  • Co-OC (combined with another position)
  • QB coach
  • WR coach
  • TE coach
  • OL coach
  • LB coach
  • DB coach

So, with several jobs open, including THE SINGULAR KEY JOB, Defensive Coordinator, there's still work to be done to fill out the staff. With more and more teams coming to the conclusion of their seasons, could more announcements be on the way? I hope so. I wanna know who the rest of the staff is going to be!!!! (But, I'm also trying to balance patience and letting CMR work. The struggle is real)

Updates when they're available.

Go Canes