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The State of The U: Monday Morning Mailbag

Each Week, The State of The U will answer questions from fans and readers alike, who are looking to get to the core of what's happening, or what's to come for Miami Hurricanes Football.

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So you want to be in the know with all things 'Canes football, don't you?

You sit around with your friends at the bar bantering over how Al Golden should be carried out in a hearse for what he's fallen short of with this program. You slam your fingers against a keyboard for hours whining and complaining about how far short the program fell in recruiting, or simply just your weekly Sunday morning sermon about how every Saturday is the same monumental let down at SunLife.

This weekly mailbag is an effort to bring to light the pressing questions, you, the fans have about what's going on in the program. Want in? Send your questions over to us on Twitter (links below) to be a part of the discussion.

From Marco D (@MarcoDiSilvio)

Do you view the 2016 recruiting effort as a genuine shift in the strategy from prior years, based on the heavy in-state focus?

Not entirely sure how to answer this one. I wouldn't say that the strategy has become more "genuine" compared to prior years. One thing I think that a fan base easily loses sight of is just how hard these staffs actually work.

It's not that Golden isn't capable, or he's some sort of inept moron who's just flowing through the motions collecting a check. Despite what most may think, Golden is a hard working coach with a great desire to succeed. Remember, he was Penn State's first choice over coaches like Bill O'Brien and James Franklin, to me that's always said something. Looking ahead to 2016 is both good and bad for 'Canes fans.

It's good to see something worth being excited about, but it's also far too early to start pounding the table, spilling your beer, yelling "CHAMPIONSHIP. THE U IS BACK" like some belligerent frat brother.

Golden's plan is finally coming to fruition and this is where he expected the program to be in his fifth year. Patience, my friends.

From Tony (@TonyLaw317)

Are we done with coaching staff changes for this season?

With the recent additions of Randy Melvin (defensive line) and Kevin Beard (wide receivers) it looks as though Miami has filled all their needs in terms of the coaching staff.

Beard has strong ties to both the University and the community, having been firmly entrenched in the area his entire life. He's a great addition to what I personally feel is an up-and-coming staff that people are throwing under the bus far too harshly. With the influx of young receivers and the exponential growth of Stacy Coley, Beard's hire was imperative for what Golden is looking to do with this 2015 roster.

Melvin's ties to Golden cannot be overlooked. Coaches work more comfortably and often succeed at a much better rate when they work with "who they know" rather than "what they know". It's even better when both go hand-in-hand, such is the case here with Melvin.

From Josh Bucich (@jnb1919)

Do you think the Canes turn it around in 2015, or is another 6-6 coming with Golden still at the helm?

When you look at the schedule, and pair it with the roster on paper, it doesn't look as though Miami is in any position to fail in 2015. They have a soft opening to their schedule, and their toughest games are going to be played at home.

The hardest stretch of games next season are going to be from weeks 7-9, which starts off with a road game at Florida State, then two home contests against Virginia Tech and Clemson.

The Hurricanes return 12 starters, both six on defense and six on offense, including quarterback Brad Kaaya, and wide receiver Stacy Coley, who look to be the focal point of a growing offense that's continuing to grow.

That's all for this week's mailbag. We've already got a sack full of questions flowing in for next week, so we'll surely cover much more then. If you want to join in on the discussion, either tweet us your questions or send an e-mail to