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Major State of the U Announcement

It's with great pleasure that we announce a new Co Manager, Mr. Cam Underwood.

If you frequent State of the U, you are already familiar with the name Cam Underwood.

He's a huge part of what we do here!

The guy who brings it with the latest and greatest recruiting information, and much more.

And if you follow us on twitter, you definitely know about the very opinionated/loquacious Mr. Underwood.

Let's all congratulate Mr. Cam Underwood, who effective immediately, will be co-managing the site with me.

What does this mean you ask?

With Cam's help, as well as each and every member of our staff, we have been able to grow the site significantly in the past few years.

And we will continue to do so, as well as bringing you the best possible University of Miami content we can.

Cam is going to take larger role in deciding what type of content we produce, who produces it, and everything in between to assure we continue to give the greatest fans in College Sports the most interesting and informative site we possibly can.

We thank all of you who stop by our humble blog.

Rest assured we will continue to work hard to make sure you keep coming back.

This move will ultimately helps guarantee we keep giving you quality content and improve where possible.

Congratulations again to Cam!