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Recruiting Radar: February 2nd - Daily Update

48 hours from National Signing Day, here's your daily update for Monday.

Can Al Golden close strong? For our sake, I sure hope so.
Can Al Golden close strong? For our sake, I sure hope so.
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan Scarlett decommits

This story typifies recruiting. Longtime commit RB Jordan Scarlett decommitted on Sunday.

He was thought to be looking to drop in December (some say he was as good as gone then). Then, he reaffirmed his commitment TWICE in recent weeks.

Then he decommitted early on Sunday morning during his Official Visit to FSU. Needless to say, this does not bode well for Miami.

Scarlett is scheduled to announce his decision at 7pm on Monday night. He says it's between Miami, UF, and FSU. He can say that all he wants, but you don't decommit from a school then recommit 2 days later. That's just not how it works.

Simple put: Jordan Scarlett is not coming here.

Hello again, Dexter Williams?

Former RB commit Dexter Williams has seen his recruitment from Miami pick back up incredibly recently. That change of events is obviously linked to Jordan Scarlett's decommitment.

Williams has been lobbying for Miami (and any school recruiting him) to offer his best friend, ATH Jalen Julius. There was a rumor that the Canes had offered Julius yesterday, but that was proven to be false.

At this point, if I'm Al Golden, I pull my best Malcolm X impersonation: I get Dexter Williams to commit by any means necessary.

Will we do enough (offer Julius) and is it possible to get Dexter back in the next 48 hours? We'll see.

Marcus Lewis still an option

Under Armour All-American CB Marcus Lewis is still an option for this class. He's said to be torn between Kentucky and Miami, his 2 finalists, as he heads to his announcement this week.

Miami has made a late push to rejoin the Wildcats in a virtual dead heat for Lewis' commitment, and could very well be his final destination. We'll know his final choice tomorrow.

Chatman, St. Louis looking to flip?

This is just an update full of bad news. Sorry guys.

2 Canes commits, WR Terrell Chatman and OL Tyree St. Louis, are potentially looking at other destinations. More disconcerting than their looking is their statements about their commitments to Miami.

When asked about his commitment to Miami, Chatman said "I'm not sure", or similar. Rumors are that TCU has made a huge push and are the favorites now.

When asked about his commitment to Miami, St. Louis, who is fresh off a visit to Florida, said "I'm still committed to Miami." But he also said that he's "keeping (Florida) in high consideration.

These are 2 of my personal favorite commits in this class. I hope they stay, but that's looking less and less likely with every passing day.

Silence is a terrible sound

I'll keep this point short: there was NOT ONE WORD about any of the official visitors from this weekend. No pictures around campus. No "man, these new Adidas uni designs are cool". Not a single tweet from a single visitor.

That.....isn't good.

If you thought the end of the Super Bowl was bad...

The close to this class could potentially be worse.  The sky isn't falling, but it's damn sure cracked and starting to sag.

That's it for today's recruiting update.

I'm sorry.

Go Canes