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Miami Hurricanes 2016 Recruiting: An Interview With 3-Star Commit LB Greg Simmons

The #SWAG16 Class continues to grow, but is quickly running out of room. Greg Simmons of Fort Pierce chose to strike while the iron was hot. I sat down with him to get his thoughts on his commitment, the upcoming class potential, and more.

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The 2016 Miami Hurricanes recruiting class is ever-growing, and no one's really sure how Golden and his staff are going to manage the expect 255 recruits that the program is on pace to get by National Signing Day next February.

One has to imagine that a significant portion of the current 17 commits the 2016 class has will either flip, or decommit for various reasons.

One of the Hurricanes newest commits Greg Simmons of Fort Pierce, FL. first received his offer from the school on February 9th, when he told me that he was "absolutely shocked" and that Miami immediately became his top choice after recently receiving offers from USF, Kentucky, and Cincinnati. I got the chance recently to sit down and talk more in-depth with Greg about his decision, what he sees for the 2016 class, and if he's chosen to officially close off his recruitment moving forward.

Take us through your recruiting process, specifically with the Hurricanes. What was that moment like to receive an offer from The U?

"Ah, receive an offer from Miami was fantastic. I'm honored and truly blessed. I was so excited, but I needed to step back for a few minutes, and take advice from the ones I look up to.. and they told me that this was my dream, to run with it and that's when I decided to commit"

How much of the fact that Miami currently has the Nation's No. 1 Class for 2016, play into your decision to commit?

"Miami has a ton of great recruits that have already committed; some of those guys I've competed against in 7-on-7's already, and they're real good players. You see a lot of program changes with this class. The linebackers I'm going to hopefully have the chance to play with, it's all systems go right now"

Your teammate Anthony Knighton, just reportedly received an offer from Kentucky not too long ago. Are you interested in possibly seeing him in Miami with you? Is that something you two have discussed, or are you two on respectfully separate recruiting paths?

" Knighton is a grown man, I want him to go where he feels comfortable. I can only do so much as his teammate, I encourage him to enjoy his recruitment. He's put in the work. I mean, he's a massive 6'5 guy who deserves it. If he does receive an offer from The U, of course I'd do my best to get him to come down here, but my advice is for him to go where he feels safe"

When you look at Miami, a team that hasn't made a Bowl Game since their postseason sanctions were lifted, was that something that worried you before committing? Or do you feel this 2016 class is the class to turn this program around?

"The Bowl Games never a concern or a factor to me. Miami has a great program with great coaches and a great fan base. They play great competition, they don't play slouches. With what this class has right now, we can turn this around. We just need to keep adding on"

You see the type of NFL product the ACC has been able to produce the last couple years, most notably Sammy Watkins (Clemson) and most recently Jameis Winston (Florida State), do you feel the ACC is underrated in terms of pro potential and one of the more productive conferences in college football?

"Without a doubt, the ACC is one of the premiere leagues in college football; without taking anything away from the SEC and Big Ten. But we're highly underrated. We don't get enough credit for being National Champions, and making the Playoff. They put out great talent, great athletes in the NFL. Just have to make the most of your opportunity.

Greg... Why Miami, and why now?

"Why Miami? Why not? It's my dream school. I've been to Miami several times. I love the atmosphere, I love the campus. This is a program that is rebuilding, and I feel this class will put us over the top, over the edge, over the hump.."

Last question Greg... Will you officially close your recruitment now that you've committed to the 'Canes?

"The advice players I know have always told me to keep communication open with other coaches, and to keep my options open. If anything bad happens, which I doubt will, but I've always been taught to keep my options open"

I want to thank Greg for taking the time out to sit down with us here at State of the U. You can follow Greg and his Journey to Miami by following him on Twitter @Cobra_Athlete31

You can check out Simmons' highlights here, and see why so many 'Canes fans are excited to have him aboard the #SWAG16 train:

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