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Miami Hurricanes Football 2015 NFL Draft Profile: Jon Felicano

In this new series, we take a look at UM's draft eligible players and provide insight on what type of players they will be at next level, where they might be drafted, and more.

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45 starts over 4 years at UM.

Made starts at LG, RT, RG, and LT over the span of his career.

Allowed just 4 sacks in his career in Coral Gables.

He considered leaving early to head to the NFL after his junior season, but decided to come back to improve his game, and help the UM program.

Feliciano is a pure mauler as a run blocker and surprisingly agile in getting to the second level,  with subtle improvement Feliciano could definitely have a bright  future at the next level.

Also has decent size and agility for the NFL.

So how good is the Davie, Fl Product?

Let's break it down and look at where he might end up come draft time.


#1 Strength - Feliciano can move his man with the best of them.  He's also a freight train of a man when used to pull or trap. Most likely will play on the inside at the next level and that should suit him fine, as his best attributes are his ability to maul in the run game and play with a nasty streak.

#2 Versatility - Although he is probably going to be more effective in the NFL on the inside, he played both tackle spots in college as well.  Feliciano is clearly a smart player, given how adept he is to pick up different positions. The ability to play multiple positions can only make him more appealing to Scouts and GMs.

#3 Character - Feliciano did not take the easy road to UM (more on that below via Canes All Access).  Overcoming difficult personal circumstances helped make JF a great college lineman.  It won't hurt him in the pros either.  If he catches on with a squad, don't be shocked if he becomes a big time leader in the locker room in due time.


#1 Technique - Misses an occasional block and his hand placement is sometimes a bit off.  Doesn't always turn his man, more often looking to physically bludgeon.

#2 Not a spectacular athlete -  Somewhat shorter arms, and not exactly the most nimble.  Not terrible athletically but not someone who's jumps out at you on film either.  Lateral movement also a concern.

NFL Players he most resembles: Matt SlausonPeter Konz

Draft Projection:  7th Round,  New York Giants.   NY needs depth and versatility up front.  They would love Feliciano's toughness in the Big Apple.  He could has a long career in the NFL given his abilities to play multiple positions and his no nonsense approach.

Stay tuned for many more updates as Miami's 2015 NFL Draft eligible players prepare to hear their names called at Radio City.