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Recruiting Radar: NSD predictions

With most of the major announcements coming today and tomorrow, it's time for some NSD predictions

Who will be donning the swag hat on National Signing Day?
Who will be donning the swag hat on National Signing Day?

Okay Canes fans, it's the article you've been tweeting me about and asking for repeatedly since the end of the Dead Period. Here are my National Signing Day Predictions.

QB/ATH Torrance Gibson

Prediction: Ohio State
Darkhorse: Auburn

QB Lamar Jackson

Prediction: Louisville

QB Evan Shirreffs


Prediction: Miami (late on NSD or post NSD)

RB Dexter Williams

Prediction: Miami

WR Terrell Chatman

Chatman diving catch

Prediction: TCU

WR Brandon Martin

Brandon Martin Prime Prep

Prediction: Missouri

WR Antonio Callaway


Prediction: Florida

OT Tyree St. Louis

Tyree St. Louis

Prediction: Miami

DT Kendrick Norton


Prediction: Auburn

DT Kevin Scott

Kevin Scott

Prediction: USC (yes, even with 2 5-star DTs about to be committed when Green announces)
Darkhorse: Miami

DE Shelton Johnson

Shelton Johnson

Prediction: Miami

DE Austrian Robinson

Austrian Robinson

Prediction: Maryland
Darkhorse: Ole Miss

CB Marcus Lewis

Prediction: Miami 
Darkhorses: FSU and Texas (both of whom are trying to get him to OV after NSD)

CB Sheldrick Redwine

Prediction: Miami

CB Antonio Howard

Prediction: Marshall