2015 Class: What Did We Really Get?


Evan Shirrefs - 3* (86-87)

Let's get this out of the way now: he has a cannon. Throws a beautiful deep ball and is very accurate with his ball placement. Has elite size and a solid build. Quick feet. Physical tools for days with him. Rarely worked out of the pocket in HS. Was either in the shotgun or rolling out on designed plays. For a kid with 1 year of QB experience, he'll likely have a long way to go in that aspect. Locks onto his 1st read consistently and stares down his receiver. His offense was very simplistic so he'll likely need a good QB coach and a few years in practice and playbook before you get anything out of him. Really intriguing physical ability but a really hard recruit to gauge from a mental and intangible aspect and that's what usually makes or breaks a QB. He's a boom or bust type that's worth the flier a year behind Kaaya.

Overall Grade: C

Lawson would've been an A considering we what needed in this class but Shirrefs is a worthwhile gamble for us.

Running Back:

Mark Walton - 4* (95-96)

Runs with incredible base and balance. Extremely shifty with a filthy jump cut. Can make people miss in one on one situations and is really slippery to tackle. Natural pass catcher out of the backfield with soft hands and plus instincts. Doesn't mind dropping a shoulder and delivering a hit when needed to get extra yardage. Breakaway speed with an extra gear. He's barely scratched the surface of his potential. His best football is ahead of him. Easily the best player in this class.

Overall Grade: C

There's not a single bad word that can be said about Walton. But this class should've included a similarly talented peer.

Wide Receiver:

Lawrence Cager - 4* (92-93)

Runs really well for a tall wide out. Smooth in his motion and very good initial burst off the line for his size. Deep speed is a plus and looks like a big that will be able to make the big play down the field. Shifter than expected with decent hips and change of direction skills. Won't be a high volume guy but will be make to make plays an impact a game. A really strong pickup.


Terrell Chatman - 4* (94-95)

That's not a typo. Chatman would be my 3rd ranked player in this class after Walton and Johnson. He's that good. Freakish leaping ability and hands made of pillows. He's going to be a TD machine in the Red Zone. There's not one glaring weakness in his game. He's strong with good height, quick feet, explosive cuts, and a knack for making big plays. He's got a little Brandon Marshall in him (in a good way). Hanging onto him would be huge for this offensive class.

Overall Grade: C

Cager is fantastic but he needed another strong running mate or two. Hanging onto Chatman instantly makes this a A.

Tight End:

Jerome Washington 4* (92-93)

Is going to be a mismatch nightmare on LBs and CBs. An absolute terror on the seams and down the field. Smooth runner and a fluid athlete with some leaping ability and strong hands. Will win contested jump balls. Works well underneath. Nice size and versatile in that you can flex him out wide or keep him in line. Very little film as a blocker so the best guess is that he'll need work there but has the required abilities to excel at it. Fits nicely into the Walford role and should get snaps if not start there from day 1. A really strong weapon here.

Overall Grade: A

Personally would've like to see them hang onto a kid like Archibald to go with Washington but it's hard to argue with a talent like this.

Offensive Line:

Tyree St. Louis - 4* (93-94)

Easily the biggest upside of anyone in this offensive class. This guy has 1st round potential but a long way to go to get there. Natural knee bender and moves exceedingly well for his size. Can pull and get to the 2nd level. Latches onto defenders and finishes his blocks consistently. Inconsistent in pass pro (especially against speed rushers off the edge) mostly due to sloppy footwork. Inconsistent with his hands. Can and probably will be a really good left tackle here but his best for long term is probably on the right side. Love his tools.

Bar Milo - 4* (91-92)

Profiles best as a RT or inside at Guard in college. Solid base. Strong. Plays mean but under control. Has decent feet and does bend with his knees. Lunges his upper half into contact which limits his initial punch but drives through defenders once he does get a hold of them. Will be an asset in the run game from day 1 here. Has a lot of good football ahead of him. Has the look of a guy you can move around the line and not miss a beat.

Tyler Gauither - 3* (88-89)

REALLY like this kid. He's similar to Milo in a lot of ways. Solid build and surprisingly athletic. Can probably play all 5 spots along the line if needed but projects best inside. Aggressive at the point and really gets after his man. Fires off the ball. Tracks well in space. Flashes ability to pull with above average feet. Probably our most underrated offensive recruit. Really interested to see how he could handle line calls because physically he looks like be could be a top level center.

Jahair Jones - 3* (86-87)

Will slot right into the mix for early playing time. Strong with a wide base and broad shoulders. Plays a little reckless. Below average feet and would struggle on an island in pass pro. Best inside at guard where he can work in a phone booth. Balanced with a solid base and anchors well against a bull rush. Good motor and really gets after guys. Good candidate to take over that Left Guard spot from the departed Jon Feliciano. Solid player.

Hayden Mahoney (85-86)

Looks bigger than his listed measurements. Strong upper body but needs to refine it. Moves well laterally but not someone you want against good speed rushers on the edge. Could be a decent option at Right Tackle where he can face teams 2nd option and maul guys small guys on the edge in the run game. Better when playing downhill. Not a ready made player but definitely someone that can contribute in a pinch down the road.

Brendan Loftus - 3* (83-84)

Awkward build. Tall with really long legs, short arms, and narrow shoulders. Bends at the waist and overextends way too often. Average athlete. Slow footed. Struggles to track in space although he does move well when pulling. Anchors well in pass pro but needs to get stronger. Nothing more than a rotational lineman at best.

Overall Grade: A

Depth and talent. Hard argue with what they did along the Offensive Line.

Offensive Class Grade:

Without Chatman: B-

With Chatman: B/B+

Landing Chatman will be the difference between slight above average class and a really solid one.

Defensive End:

Scott Patchan - 3* (87-88)

Limited Senior film of him due to injury. His really long and uses that length well to stop blockers from latching onto him. Gets his hands up to disrupt passing lanes and flashes a few different pass rush moves including a spin, swim, and bull rush and flashes ability to use them tandem to counter once his initial rush is stopped. Average 1st step but does run well once he's got a head of steam. Doesn't bend particularly well and struggles to get around the tackle on speed alone. Limited pass rusher from a physical standpoint but a smart, heady player with plenty of polish that should turn into a passable rusher. Disciplined, reads his keys well, and rarely losses contain. Plays within himself. Probably better suited as a straight 4-3 base end than the hybrid scheme we run. Will either grow into a role similar to the one Chickillo had if be bulks up enough or possibly slot into a stand up role if he can't add enough clean size to his frame. Preferably the former option as the latter isn't something that suits what he does well. Good player, odd fit for what we run.

Richard McIntosh - 3* (85-86)

Ideal as a 5-Tech end which fits us just fine. Has plus pass rush potential from that spot but it's not really a spot that you expect to generate much rush. Got an NFL caliber frame but not explosive. He's a very deliberate athlete. Super raw and needs lots of growth. He's slippery for his size. Blockers can't seem to latch onto him. Impressively strong at the point with a solid base. Needs to learn to fill gaps into of just bull rushing through whoever is in front of him. Has some tools to work with and is a good scheme fit.

Overall Grade: D

Grade would be higher if Patchan fit the scheme better but this group sorely lacks a pass rush difference maker.

Defensive Tackle:

Kendrick Norton - 3*/4* (89-90)

Fringe 4* recruit. Worth the take simply as a Jumbo athlete. Human's as big as him rarely move as fluidly as he does. There's a good amount of upside there. Needs to hit the gym and clean up that baby fat to hold up at the point. No brainer 4* high upside guy at Offensive Guard but less clear cut impact at Nose Tackle. Plays too high but flashes good hand technique at times and has some natural pass rush ability. Excellent feet and change of direction for a lineman. Can over pursue and run himself out of plays at times. With proper development, you are look at an NFL future on either side but his best bet is along the interior offensive line.

Ryan Fines - 3* (83-84)

He's Olsen Pierre with much less athletic ability. Needs a few years to perfect his game but down the road he could probably start in a pinch and not be a total liability although he's definitely best as a backup or as a rotational lineman to give guys a blow. Could play inside or outside depending on the alignment. Flashes decent hand usage. Doesn't shy from contact. Likes to mix it up. Motor runs hot and cold. Can play too reckless at times times overextend himself and getting off balance. If he's getting significant snaps, your probably in rough shape up front.


Gerald Willis (Transfer from Florida)

*Eval is based off his SR film and limited FR snaps*

Would be an easy 5* eval on the field. Kid could fit in just about any system. Plus natural pass rusher as a 5 Tech or inside at the 3. Strong with a good bull rush and violent hands. Explosive 1st step and plays mean. There's no much not to like about this kid. If he can keep his temper in check and head straight, he'll make a huge impact here by the time he hits the field after sitting out a year.

Overall Grade:

C (Without Willis)

A (With Willis)

The best haul at Defensive Tackle in years. Willis is elite and Norton offers the best upside we've landed in a lon time.


Charles Perry - 4* (90-91)

Explosive athlete. Undersized but doesn't play like it. Seeks contact and would rather go through someone than around them. Needs lots of refinement. Inconsistent tackler but should clean that up with full time reps. Tremendous balance. Fill a gap well and arrives with bad intentions. Just throws himself at blockers instead of stacking and shedding or using his hands on any useful way. Lots of upside. Special teamer from Day 1 with NFL level upside. Should slot into a similar WLB/MLB role like the one Denzel Perryman did for us.

Jamie Gordinier - 3* (87-88)

Kids like this are the lone soft spot I have left for Golden. He won't wow you but he can just flat out play football. He drips football IQ. Super instinctive. He reads and reacts well. Keeps square to the ball and gets good drops in coverage. He's ready to play now but his polish and limited athletic ability likely means he'll never be a game changer. Long with a great frame. Average feet and hips. Sneaky quick with an excellent motor. Good fit at SLB for us. He's going to play a lot of football here.

James King - 3* (81-82)

By far the worst take on D. But for a last minute backup offer, there's worse out there. Probably won't ever start here but will be a core special teamer and could carve out a niche in coverage packages. Undersized with average speed but pretty good burst. Plays out of control at times but seems to be consistently around the ball. He is what he is. A desperate depth take from a local feeder school. He's not going to be totally useless for us but he's not the type of player we should be having to settle for.

Overall grade: C

Perry should be very good and Gordinier will help but there no semblance of a can't miss guy in this class.

Corner Back:

Michael Jackson - 3* (87-88)

Really high end 3* although it wouldn't surprise me if he exceeded that. He's a tough one to get a gauge on due to the limited times he was targeted and the fact he played off man almost exclusively. Has NFL size and frame. Enough speed to stick at CB although long term he might be a better safety. Will come up and hit you in run support. Physical. Strong. Mean. Excellent scheme fit. Change of direction is a tad slow in and out of his breaks but that would be somewhat mitigated with a move to safety. Wouldn't surprise me if he had a career similar to Ladarius Gunter, another Alabama HS corner.

Sheldrick Redwine - 3* (87-88)

He can legitimately play. Long athlete who can run. Good at tracking the ball and high pointing it. Lean frame that will need to fill out. Pretty good feet. Surprising amount of upside with Redwine. Starting potential down the road. Can freelance a little too much at times. Pretty good hips and change of direction. Not a burner but fast enough. Will be able to stick at CB and has a potential NFL future there given his size. Good set of corners between him and Jackson. Really splitting hairs as to which is better.

Overall Grade: C

They got two really good players but this class lacks the depth and true too end talent we needed to infuse at this spot after taking only 1 CB last year.


JaQuan Johnson - 4* (94-95)

If this kid was 3 inches taller, he'd have likely garnered talk about possible 5* grades nationally. Extremely instinctive. Has a nose for the ball and one of those kids that just has a knack for making plays. A really good pure athlete who just understands the game. Good feet. Fluid hips. Changes directions with ease. Closes on ball carriers in a hurry. Needs to hit the weight room but he is eager to come hit and stick his nose is a pile. Excellent ball skills and above average in his ability to stick to a receivers hip and then turn and track the ball. There's not much not to like about this kid. He's going be a long term starter here. Seen him compared favorably to Louis Delmas and that is a really spot on comparison in my opinion. He's a stud.

Robert Knowles - 3* (88-89)

Classic in the box safety who is a menace when playing downhill. Ideal build and frame. Well proportioned. Closing speed is top shelf. Plays violent. A terrific blitzer from the 2nd level. Flashes ability to chase backside plays. Does a pretty good jump at snuffing out underneath routes and exploding out of his backpedal. Probably not a good idea to ask him to turn and run with wideouts. Hips don't look especially fluid. Needs to get stronger, especially in the lower body. Not the same caliber of athlete as Jamal Carter but a better all around football player at the same stage. Has starting potential here.

Overall Grade: B

This wasn't a flat out homerun but it's a solid double. Both kids can play and Quan will be a playmaker.

Defensive Class Grade:

Without Willis: C

With Willis: C+/B-

Willis keeping his head straight is the difference between this class being passable or completely meh.

Overall Class Grade: C+

You can talk about the laundry list of misses that held this class down but it's not without some nice looking talents that we should be able to win with, especially on the offensive side. All told, it's still a rather mediocre class by Miami's lofty standard.

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