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Bubble Burst: Miami Basketball Left out as NCAA Tournament Field Announced

The Hurricanes will be playing this postseason, just not in the NCAA Tournament.

Evan Pike-USA TODAY Sports

University of Miami basketball fans had to sweat it out as CBS announced the field of 68.

The 'Canes biggest chip heading into Selection Sunday was their big win at Duke on 1/13.

A low 60s RPI, losses to Eastern Kentucky, Georgia Tech, and Wake Forest, were their biggest potential downfalls.

Josh Frank, Charlie Strauzer, and even Coach L himself made compelling arguments for Miami to go dancing.

But in the end, the resume just wasn't strong enough for UM.

Seriously on the bubble Indiana, Purdue, and Texas all got berths in the Midwest bracket, which was announced first.

LSU got a 9 seed in the East, drawing this reaction.

The tension was building as the brackets were filling.

Then Boise State got a berth.

And Georgia got a 10 seed....?!?!!?

That team the 'Canes tore up by 16 in Cameron, got a #1 seed.   No shock there.


Did all of Joe Lunardi's first and next four outs make it minus Miami?

Perhaps they were just one win short.

But seeing some of the other teams in the field has to sting.   Even BYU and Ole Miss got in.

You have got to be kidding?

Empty PDF Bracket for those interested

We'll have much more coverage on The University of Miami's disappointing exclusion  right here on SOTU.

NIT announcement coming as well.

Stay tuned!