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Miami Hurricanes Football 2015 NFL Draft Profile: Ryan Williams

In this new series, we take a look at UM's draft eligible players and provide insight on what type of players they will be at next level, where they might be drafted, and more.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Career Stats (2010 Memphis, 2011-13 Miami):  2,531 yards, 59% comp pct, 17/11 TD/INT

The NFL can be very daunting for rookie QBs.... even those who starred in college.

For a guy with 10 career NCAA starts, and none since 2010,  the odds of making a roster would seem astronomical.

But Ryan Williams just might be that long shot who sticks around as a back-up at the next level.

It won't be easy, but he has a shot.

Let's not forget that had he not torn his ACL last April, he likely starts for the 'Canes in 2014.

Let's break it all down and see where he might end up come training camp:


#1 Size - At 6'6 222, Williams stands tall in the pocket.    His height/presence allows him to find receivers both underneath and down the field.

#2 Accuracy/Touch - Williams also does a good job stepping into his throws, and in both camp and game action has displayed the propensity to put the ball on the numbers at a pretty consistent rate.

Here's brief sample of what the Miramar H.S. product can do:

#3 Intelligence/Ability to Game Manage:  Former OC Jedd Fisch was high on Williams way back in 2012 when he pushed eventual starter Stephen Morris for the starting job.  Al Golden once said of RW, "he does everything right."

“Ryan is seeing it really well. He’s stepping up real well. I’m really excited about the way he’s throwing the ball down the middle of the field. That’s what I’m really excited about.” - Golden, early spring 2014.

What does it all mean?  Well it's hard to be sure, but had he not injured himself, there is a good chance Williams would have been a pretty decent to good starting college QB.


#1 Lack of PT - No matter what good things his coaches say, or how well he spun it in practice, Williams still remains a relative unknown.

#2 Not a huge arm -  He relies on touch and accuracy because he has to.  Morris probably beat him out a few years back, on arm strength alone.

#3 Average athletically - He's not going to beat you with his legs very often. Williams can move some, but he's not a scrambler, and he is more likely going to make his living by getting the ball to play makers.

NFL Players he most resembles:  Chad Pennington retired (best case possible), Mike Glennon, Sean Renfree

Draft Projection: UDFA.  Let's be honest, no chance any team burns a pick on Williams.  But he will get invited to someone's camp.  Teams like the Jets, Raiders, Titans, and Texans who could all use depth and maybe a surprise story this summer, would be smart to give Williams a long look.