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Highlights/Final Thoughts: Miami Basketball's Clutch Win over Pitt

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Big, big, big time win for Miami Basketball last night.

Not as impressive as the win over Duke perhaps, but nearly as important, given the circumstances....

Let's take another look

First the Game Highlights (ACC Digital):

Next We have Sheldon McClellan talking about playing through the pain, and the team's toughness:

Final Thoughts:

  • As nice as this win is,  it will mean next to nothing if they lose this weekend Vs Virginia Tech
  • With or with out Angel,  this game follows the script I'd like to see going forward in terms of McClellan & Davon Reed being options 1 and 1A on the wings.  Both are talented, and better yet, efficient scorers.  Ideally Deandre Burnett, JaQuan Newton, or someone else steps up as a third scorer.
  • Seems like a broken record, but kudos again to Tonye Jekiri for another solid, stout performance (10 points, 11 rebounds).   Where would UM be with out The Most Improved Player in the Conference?!
  • According to Joe Lunardi, this win moved the 'Canes from next four our, to first four out.  As we already knew, much work remains.