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Miami Basketball Player Review: Angel Rodriguez

In this new series we look at UM's returning hoops players, what they did right, what they can do better, who they should be watching film on this summer, and more.

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Key Stats:  11.9 ppg, 2.3 rpg, 3.9 apg, 1.8 stls, 34% FG, 30% 3P, 74 % FTs, 2.3 TOs.

Best Game(s):  11/17 Vs UF - 7/14 shooting, 5-8 on threes, 24 points, 3 assists, 3 steals, game winning basket &

11/21 Vs Akron - 6/9 shooting, 15 points, 8 rebounds, 9 assists &

1/13 Vs Duke - 8/15 shooting, 25 points, 5 assists, 5 steals.

Worst Game(s): 12/6 Vs Green Bay - 2/15 shooting, 12 points, 3 turnovers, 5 fouls &

12/19 Vs Eastern Kentucky - 0/6 shooting, 1 point  &

1/17 Vs Notre Dame - 1/10 shooting, 4 points.

What he does well: At his best, he is a spectacular college PG because of his slick handles, terrific floor game, and penchant for making the big play at the biggest of times.  Whether in transition, or the half court, can deliver to his teammates with crisp and accurate passes. Fearless competitor also loves to take the ball to the rack, come off screens for rhythm jumpers, or pull up for threes off the dribble.  Rodriguez has no trouble creating his own shot and often overcomes his lack of height with strength and speed with the ball.  Defensively, Angel loves to pick opposing dribblers pockets and has quick, strong hands. Overall his never say die spirit and toughness are his best traits on the court.

What he needs to do better:  Shot selection, shot selection, shot selection.  Angel forced up far too many threes this season. He also often took the ball to the hoop in unfavorable situations, leading to missed/blocked shots that triggered fast breaks for the opposition. For a guy with his ball handling ability, court vision, and strength, his turnovers were a little high too. Additionally, while his defense is pretty solid overall, he does gamble a little bit too much in my opinion.

Player I would like him to watch film on: Rajon Rondo, Dallas Mavericks.   Physically, the two are very little alike. And Rodriguez is probably more of a natural scorer than the former NBA All Star (at least at this level). But what I like most about Rondo is how he can dominate a game in every way imaginable yet rarely call his own number. Also Rondo doesn't always make the no look or behind the back passes, but his deliveries always put his teammates in good positions to score.  This season, Rodriguez sometimes reminded me more of Allen Iverson than Rajon Rondo. For the 'Canes to reach their full potential next season, the unselfish spirit within him needs to come back to the forefront.

Summary:  Rodriguez was maddening to watch this past season. Against the best teams on Miami's schedule he was usually dominant.  Against lesser opponents he was often lackluster, yet still dominated the ball.  In his defense, his teammates were very prone to defer to him in many of these situations.  They key for Angel next year  will be to go back to being a play maker for his teammates first, second, & third and look for his own shot only when in good rhythm or when it is the best option for the situation.  With the talent around him, I'd like to see Rodriguez average 6-8 shots a game next year, and well over 5 assists.  Most importantly he needs to be consistent, as winning will be all that much more easier for the Hurricanes when they know what to expect from their floor leader night in and night out.