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Miami Basketball Player Review: James Palmer

In this new series we look at UM's returning hoops players, what they did right, what they can do better, who they should be watching film on this summer, and more.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Key Stats:  3.7 ppg, 1.4 rpg, 0.7 apg, 41% FGs, 37% 3P, 65% FTs, 13.3 minutes per game.

Best Game: 3/7 Vs Virginia Tech - 17 points, 5-10 shooting, 5-5 on threes, 3 rebounds, 3 assists.

Worst Game: 12/6 Vs Green Bay - 0 points in 16 minutes.

What he does well: At 6'4 Palmer has very good size for a combo guard, and he looks the part with very smooth handling, passing, and shooting from deep. The sophomore to be also loves to get out in transition, and can finish with either hand. Also makes subtle and clever moves to get past his man in traffic, and as demonstrated above is a better athlete than you might think. As a freshman was an okay, if not great defender.  Is not afraid to take a shot in big moments.  However, his best skill at this stage of his career is clearly his ability to knock down open jumpers, and score as a whole.

What he needs to do better:  Palmer could stand improvements in each category of his overall floor game, including passing, rebounding, and moving with out the ball. While he is good in nearly every area, he is not particularly great at any one thing just yet. With improved strength and conditioning he would be even better defensively and out in transition.  At times was sloppy with the ball, something he can ill afford if he wants increased minutes next season.

Player I would like him to watch film onWesley Matthews, Portland Trail Blazers.  Why Matthews?  He is a lock down defender and knock down shooter who does a little bit of everything for his team in a 6'5 frame. And like Palmer, for a guard, his game is more lunch pail than highlight reel.  Also like the youngster from UM, his best overall attribute is knocking down triples.

Summary:  The transfers of Manu Lecomte and Deandre Burnett have made Palmer's role all the more significant for 2015-16.  Towards the end of the season and into the NIT, there were signs that JP was up to the task, as even with sporadic minutes he managed to make a significant impact in a handful of games. He won't be asked to be a superstar next season, but he will need to be a steady contributor for Miami to reach their maximum potential.