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Miami Basketball Player Review: Omar Sherman

In this new series we look at UM's returning hoops players, what they did right, what they can do better, who they should be watching film on this summer, and more.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Key Stats:  4.8 ppg, 2.3 rpg. 0.5 apg, 0.6 blks, 42% FGs, 30% 3P, 65% FTs.

Best Game:  1/3 Vs UVA - 13 points, 5-10 from the floor, 6 rebounds.

Worst Game:  1/28 Vs Georgia Tech, 0 points 0-5 from the floor in 18 minutes.

What he does well:  Sherman can knock down open jumpers pretty well for a 6'8 guy.  His back to the basket game, though rarely used this season, showed some signs by season's end of also being pretty effective.  Additionally during his freshman campaign he showed a knack to finish strong at/above the rim. While it certainly wasn't there the entire season, Sherman on occasion also showed the ability to protect the rim (see above) with ferocity.

What he needs to improve: Omar needs to first and foremost be more of a factor on the glass. He also bites far too much when opposing players pump fake. Though he can known down triples, some of the shots Sherman took this year were not exactly in rhythm/high percentage. With improved conditioning and some time in the weight room, all facets of his game should get better.  As a left-handed player, it would also be beneficial for the sophomore to be to develop some confidence putting the ball on the floor in the half court.

Player I would like him to watch film on: Zach Randolph, Memphis Grizzlies.  Randolph is arguably the best lefty in the NBA. And Sherman is built very similarly to Randolph. But Randolph is an unrelenting force under the boards, and also has a refined post game. Both players have feathery touches on their jumpers, but the Miami big could learn a lot from the vet when it comes to making the most of one's abilities.

Summary: I really liked what I saw from Sherman during the NIT run. He played with a lot of fire and confidence, and even started to collect some boards in traffic. With Kamari Murphy eligible, the starting 4 spot would seem to be set, unless Omar makes some huge strides. More than likely he will be competing with Ivan Cruz Uceda, as the primary "big" off the bench. Both guys can shoot the rock.  If Sherman can prove to be the better of the two defensively and rebounding the ball, he could see his minutes/role increase significantly in 2015-16.