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Reports: Miami Basketball PG Manu Lecomte to Transfer

Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today I published the first in a series of UM Hoops player evaluations, and I started with Manu Lecomte.

In a cruel bit of irony, it turns out I picked the wrong guy to start with.

Multiple reports have Lecomte leaving the program:

This can't be seen as a huge surprise.

Angel Rodriguez is set to return for his senior season next year, and emerging sophomore to be JaQuan Newton might have a higher upside than even Rodriguez.

Lecomte has too much game to be a third string PG or sometimes SG.

He should start and star wherever he ends up next.  We wish him well.

In the meantime this is good news of sorts, as it opens up a scholarship for the Hurricanes.

With Tonye Jekiri & Ivan Cruz Uceda set to be seniors, one would think a "big" would be a high priority for next year and going forward.