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Way Too Early 2016 NFL Draft Profile: Calvin Heurtelou

In this new series, we will take a look at which current 'Canes have a chance to make a splash on draft day next season.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

In his first season at UM produced 25 tackles, 1 TFL, and 1 fumble recovery,  but no sacks.

Was on the ACC All-Academic team.

And did start 12 games last year, playing a lot of gap control, so stats may be misleading in grading his performance.

Had 2 sacks, 4 TFL, and a fumble recovery in just 8 games last year in JC 2 years ago.

Reportedly can bench press 445 pounds and squat 575.

Did not participate this spring due to a balky knee:

Listed at a sturdy 6'3 315.

Runs between a 5.1 - 5.3 40, which is not terrible for a man his size.

Let's take a closer look at what he does well, and what he needs to improve upon to have a shot in the NFL.


#1 Strength -  His brute strength in the weight room did not always translate to the football field last season, but he was also often shaken up and did not appear to be 100% healthy at times.  Nonetheless Heurtelou is clearly a powerful man, and if invited to the combine, his work on the bench will surely be noticed, Also did have some moments last season when he commanded double teams, freeing up the 'Canes LBs to make plays.

#2 Good hands -  In Miami's disappointing Independence Bowl loss, CH did have 3 tackles, including one for loss. Perhaps finally feeling good, he showed the ability to use his hands and fight off blocks and make plays. He also had 6 tackles Vs Pitt toward the end of the season, indicating he may be a better player than he showed early on.


#1 Unknown Quantity - He looks the part and while scheme may be a factor, until  and unless he produces on the field, there's no telling if he is really a "player."

#2 Needs to stay healthy -  In order to make more plays on the field, Heurtelou needs to be on the field.

Summary: If Anthony Chickillo can get picked in the 6th round, and Olsen Pierre can be invited to Bears rookie camp as a UFA, why not Heurtelou?   At this stage of the game he probably needs to put up 30-40 tackles and 2-3 sacks at minimum to hear his name on day 3 of the draft. But with his impressive size and his abilities in the weight room, I expect someone to give him a look regardless of production this coming season.  Hopefully for 'Canes fans, his play on the field as a senior this coming season, is also a factor.