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Miami Hurricanes UFA Signings

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Not every player that makes an NFL roster is drafted.

Each and every year a handful of players on every team make it the hard way, via free agency (see Shields, Sam).

So far 4 undrafted 'Canes have been inked contracts with NFL squads:

QB Ryan Williams - Cincinnati Bengals

C Shane McDermott - Dallas Cowboys

LB Thurston Armbrister - Jacksonville Jaguars

DT Olsen Pierre - Chicago Bears

Updated: QB Jake Heaps - New York Jets

Williams would seem a long shot to stick as Andy Dalton's back-up and/or a #3 on the Bengals roster. Out of the group above I like Armbrister's chances the best as he can play Special Teams and possibly be a situational pass rusher.

Thus far we have not heard of CB Ladarius Gunter signing anywhere.   This is something of a surprise considering Gunter has been considered a potential late round pick in the draft.

Updated: Gunter was signed late Saturday evening by the Green Bay Packers

We'll be sure to provide updates as we learn them.

FULL LIST OF ALL NFL UFAs SIGNED (as of evening of 5/2)