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Contributors needed: Join the SOTU team

State of the U is looking for talented, passionate contributors to join our team.

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State of the U is looking for contributors to join our team.

We've done a  good job covering The U, but could use a couple new voices to help us continue our growth and broaden our coverage. We take a "fan sided" approach to things, but still work to give timely, comprehensive, and high level coverage and commentary on Miami Hurricanes athletics.

What are we looking for?

Jerry and I are looking for contributors who would:

  • Be able to cover/recap games and events/pressers. Obviously, football is a big one. But Canes basketball, baseball, and non-revenue sports are things that need coverage as well. If you are passionate about Miami and this U, we want you here. While not required, close proximity to the campus is a plus. This is a huge responsibility that requires professionalism and needs to be earned and respected.
  • Help enhance current content. You love a specific thing we already do and want to add your unique voice? Awesome. We'd love to have you join in the conversation.
  • Help add new content to the rotation. The straight-forward recaps are great, but there's much more to The U, and it's fans, than that. This is your chance to be as creative as you want.
  • Post a MINIMUM of 3 articles per month. We're looking for active contributors, not a 1 time guest. We want self starters with original ideas as well. It's not all about assignments. 
  • Someone who likes to have fun.  Our staff and readers keep it light.  College Sports is after all, not supposed to be too serious.

If you're interested in joining our State of the U team, then you can reach out to both of us at the email addresses below:

A writing sample and fan posts may be a prerequisite to joining the staff as a contributor in some cases.

Jerry Steinberg:

Cam Underwood:

Go Canes!!