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How the NFL Draft will affect Miami Hurricanes Recruiting

What affect with the NFL Draft results have on Miami Hurricanes recruiting? Let's take a look.

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The NFL Draft came and went last weekend, spread over 3 days. During the draft, 7 Miami Hurricanes were selected, with 2 (Ereck Flowers and Phillip Dorsett) being selected in the first round. On top of the 7 draftees, another 6 players have signed as Undrafted Free Agents, and another player (former basketball player Raphael Akpejiori) received a tryout invitation from the Miami Dolphins.

Look at those numbers. 13 players drafted or signed. Another given a tryout opportunity. When you crunch the numbers, as Jason Kirk did over at the SB Nation homepage, the Miami Hurricanes had the second most talented group of players selected in this year's draft


And now for the bad part: even with all that talent, Miami found a way to have a losing record, finishing 2014 at 6-7. I'm sure you saw the tweets or read one of the million articles on this topic. We've covered it here, so there's no need to beat a dead horse.

Instead, let's look at the recruiting pitches, both positive and negative, that figure to be used following the NFL Draft results we've already listed.

Positive Recruiting Pitches

These are the things that Al Golden can say to recruits to sell Miami

Come here and we'll put you in the League

I mean, this one if fairly simple. 2nd most Draftpoints of any team this past year. Which means, Miami players got drafted, and they got drafted fairly high.

You have NFL dreams, unnamed recruit? Come to Miami. We'll help you make them a reality.

Our player development is elite

First round pick Phillip Dorsett was a 3-star recruit in 2011. 3rd round pick Clive Walford was an unranked recruit in 2010. Their skills improved over their careers and that helped them get drafted.

You wanna get better, unnamed recruit? Come to the U. We'll get you better.

Continued UM visibility in the NFL

The U is a brand that continues to be known throughout the league. 26 teams have at least 1 Miami alum in their organization. And, we're featured prominently on every broadcast due to those players' continued excellence. Miami alums have made a dynamic impact on the NFL.

At least 4 ProCanes have been named to the Pro Bowl every year since 1997. At least 2 ProCanes have been named to the Pro Bowl in every year since 1990. Miami has had a representative in every Pro Bowl but 1 since 1985.

Want to go to the NFL and make an impact, unnamed recruit? Come to the U. Join our brotherhood. Leave your legacy.

Negative Recruiting Pitches

These are some things that opposing coaches can (and most likely will) say about Miami to negatively impact Canes recruiting.

They can't win with good players

Did you see how many Canes got drafted? 7.

Did you see how many games The U won last year? 6.

So, with all that talent, they couldn't even manage a winning record. What makes you think that'll change if you go there? Why, all of a sudden, will Miami get their swag back and beat good teams when they couldn't even do that with 6 of the top 128 picks of this past draft?

Want to win big, unnamed recruit? Then, you should pick (insert school), cuz winning big won't happen in Miami.

They haven't even been to the ACC championship game. Ever.

Just in case you missed it from my first pitch, the Canes have NEVER been to the ACC championship game. 11 years in the conference and nary a Coastal Division championship to their credit.

What would you rather do: play for championships or watch other teams win them on the TV?

If you want to watch others win, go to Miami, unnamed recruit. If you want to win, come to (insert school).

Al Golden won't even be the coach there next year

I know you see how things are going for coach Golden in Miami. Let me sum it up for you: not good. If he has another season like last year, entirely possible since they lost so many good players and couldn't even win with 2 first rounders on their team last year.

Look, I know people say you commit to a school, but more important than that are the connections you have to the coaches you'll be working with while you're there. You want to go to Miami and play for somebody you don't even know, unnamed recruit? You should come to (insert school here). I'll be there. And we'll win.


Are these pitches things you'd say? Did I leave something out on either list? Leave a comment and vote in the poll below.

Go Canes